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7 Steps to Estimating How Much Money Is Enough to Retire

One of the most troubling thoughts when it comes to retiring is probably the “Do I have enough money?” Even people who have been saving for all their lives aren’t quite sure whether they will have enough money to be able to live well if they retire. And this is completely normal, because things change over time and without a …

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Top 5 Worst States In the US To Retire In

Retirement is something that we all look forward to especially after putting in millions of hours in back-breaking and head-splitting work. Retirement is the time when you can relax and reap the fruits of your labor. It is the time for you to enjoy travelling, spending quality time with your grandchildren or even getting to know other people whom you …

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10 Best Places to Retire Abroad

Recently, more and more people have been retiring outside of the U.S. This may be due to many reasons, but one of the most important ones is that when they retire abroad, people can live better for less money spent. Having this in mind, Americans retire abroad wanting to spend their golden years living at a lower cost, and they …

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