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Say Goodbye To Stress In 10 Easy Steps

Stress is a prevalent cause of major diseases affecting people worldwide. It is so common that people have begun an earnest search on the best and easiest ways to reduce stress. Stress is our body’s reaction to difficult situations around us. It is the coping mechanism of our body. Being under constant stress leaves our body overly active from within, …

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4 Worst Kinds of People at Work and How to Deal With Them

Working in an environment where people are not easy to get along with, or are hard to deal with is not only stressful but also makes you dread going to work. You would be constantly wishing that you work in a different company or even wishing that colleague of yours gets fired. This is quite normal as the workplace is …

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Burnout Syndrome: The Modern Day Plague

Today, burnout syndrome is often given the characteristics of exhaustion, depersonalization and performing duties without any satisfaction. Burnout is thought to appear in people who unsuccessfully deal with chronic stress, most commonly in a work environment. This syndrome has been studied since the 70’s, but no clear definition has been given since. Generally, the term represents the physical and mental …

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