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6 Techniques to Reduce Stress at Work

Workplace pressure is inevitable and it can sometimes even motivate the workers to work and learn more effectively. However, when this pressure turns into a daily thing, or becomes unmanageable, it causes stress, which often negatively affects the health and the ability to work well. The World Health Organization reports that American businesses loose 300 billions USD because of stress. …

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How to Manage Commitments and Reduce Stress

If you have many commitments, and do not know how to handle the pressure of juggling all your responsibilities at once, you are likely to suffer from stress. Stress overload can make you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, as well as slowing you down. Learning how to handle commitments wisely and reduce stress can lighten your emotional load, leaving you feeling …

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How to Cope When Your Boss Is Younger than You

It used to be uncommon to find employers younger than their staff. This was probably because individuals learned a trade, got a job and remained on the same career path. They may have moved up the career ladder within a company. Nevertheless, they rarely altered their profession or became redundant. Now things have changed and you stand a good chance …

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