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7 Professions with the Highest Rates of Suicide

People go through various steps of education to reach the necessary level and be able to do a certain job. These days, people have a wide variety of professions to pick from and it is easier than ever to choose what you really want to do. However, there are many people unsatisfied with their jobs, and it seems that people …

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Say Goodbye To Stress In 10 Easy Steps

Stress is a prevalent cause of major diseases affecting people worldwide. It is so common that people have begun an earnest search on the best and easiest ways to reduce stress. Stress is our body’s reaction to difficult situations around us. It is the coping mechanism of our body. Being under constant stress leaves our body overly active from within, …

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Modern Moms Are Under More Stress Than Ever

With our busy fast lives, modern moms are forced to juggle their family and career. But what they often forget while doing it is taking care of themselves. So they sleep less, socialize less and they put their whole lives on hold in order to take care of the children. The constant worry and wish to do everything right is …

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