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Are You Ambitious or Just Impatient? These 5 Questions Will Help You Figure it out!

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious, setting a goal and doing everything in your power to reach it. Ambitious people usually accomplish a lot in their lives and it seems that they do their tasks more easily. However, there is a fine line between ambition and impatience. People who expect to get a promotion after just a couple of …

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6 Ways Smart People Unconsciously Sabotage Themselves

Being smart doesn’t always have to mean that you’ll be successful. Success takes effort, dedication and commitment, and not just smarts and intelligence. Many smart people are looking for ways to increase their productivity, but they are unconsciously sabotaging themselves. Many of them don’t know how to do better, and some are simply not committed to their goals enough to …

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7 Things That Great Leaders Do Differently

Being a great leader does not necessarily mean that you are intelligent. It doesn’t also mean that you are charismatic, although this works in favor of becoming a good leader. A good leader basically has his own mind. He does not have a limited view on important things. He knows himself well and he is confident that he can lead …

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