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20 Best Jobs for Millennials

Millennials finishing college are facing tough challenges adjusting to the reality, getting a job, starting to pay bills and finding their place in the society. That’s why the existential crisis is something very real happening to almost every twentysomething after graduating. But, even though it may seem so, future is not so bleak. According to Young Invincibles, a group advocating …

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5 Best Paid Hourly Jobs

You may think that a monthly salary brings more money, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Many hourly jobs bring more profit than regular monthly salaries, and they often come with other good benefits too. For example, there is the flexibility many would wish to have. According to last year’s data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, …

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8 Best-Paying Stress-Free Job Opportunities

Not every job out there is stressful, and being employed doesn’t have to mean you come home every night worn out and nervous. Hating what you do can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction and sometimes even depression, and it’s a known fact that too much stress affects your physical well-being as well. Therefore, finding a job that fulfills you and makes …

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