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The 10 Most Idiotic Beauty Treatments Ever


Everyone wants to look beautiful, but some people are going to extremes. Today, beauty seems to be more important for some people than anything else, and women are making huge efforts to maintain their glowing skin and a perfect body without any flaws. Both women and men are going to extents to slow down their aging process and keep on …

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Your Makeup’s 9 Deadliest Ingredients


Beauty products exist so they would improve our looks, but not every ingredient is ‘pretty’. Namely, one in every eight ingredients used in makeup is harmful and they are either chemicals, pesticides, toxins, hormone disruptors or carcinogens.  Many of those ingredients are used to make the products softer, more water resistant or to prolong their ‘shelf life’.  Some of these …

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Snake Venom Is the Main Ingredient in These 5 Beauty Products


You’ve probably watched numerous TV documentaries about venomous snakes and maybe even encountered some of them and saw how dangerous they can be. Some like ‘em, even keep them in the house as a pet, while others fear ‘em. But what you probably couldn’t have ever imagined is that some use snake venom as a part of anti-aging products and …

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