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Stuck Paying off a Huge Debt? Here Are 5 Tips to Make Things Easier


Being in debt, especially if it’s big, is very stressful. Whatever your situation, you’re stuck paying it off, even if you’ve lost your job and have no income. Sometimes debts can be a consequence of simply spending too much on holidays or treats, and sometimes you take a loan when you really need it. In any case, paying off a …

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Protect Yourself! 8 Things Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed To Do


When it comes to least liked people, debt collectors are way up there with lawyers and telemarketers that call in the middle of the night. You may need a lawyer some time so it’s not always wise to antagonize them. Telemarketers? It’s fairly easy to tell them to bugger off. But debt collectors? You know you have debts to pay. …

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