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How Our Food Choices Affect the Environment


People tend to think that the way they eat affect only their bodies and have no other effect whatsoever. However, the foods we eat do matter, for us as well as for the environment. Your food choices actually have a great impact on the environment, and even the smallest of changes can significantly improve the current state of things. So …

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Are Electric Cars Really Environmentally Friendly?


Electric cars and hybrids became increasingly popular because of the highly erratic price of fuel and because of an urgent need for a cleaner environment. But scientists and environmentalists alike are now questioning the positive impact that electric vehicles actually have on our fight for a greener Earth. The question here is: Do we have reason to doubt the technology? …

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13 World’s Greenest Cities


Recently, drawn by the quality of life that cities provide, many people have been migrating from the country side. This mass migration leads to overcrowding in the cities, which has a negative effect on the environment, since with more people comes more traffic, more buildings, more parking lots in the places where trees and green surfaces used to be. However, …

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