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8 Ways to Make Money Using Social Media


As internet has been rapidly developing over the past decade, many new opportunities have arisen and many people have used them in order to make their businesses more successful. Numerous people started their online businesses and social media have helped sustain them and make them successful. Thanks to the development of the internet, you can now work from home, and …

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Financial Advice from the Richest Man in the World


Warren Buffet is a man who knows how to make a fortune and at age 85 his net worth is estimated at an astonishing $72.3 billion dollars. Besides planning to donate 85% of his fortune to charity, for years now he has been kind enough to share advice with all of us. Here are the 11 best pieces of advice …

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10 Ways to Think Like a Rich Person


To become rich, you first have to think like a rich person. Forming the right mentality is the root of all wealth. Here are ten ways that will help you adopt the attitude of a rich person: 1. Buy assets, not liabilities This is a very basic lesson on getting rich. Assets add value to your portfolio while liabilities reduce …

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