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12 Travel Tips to Have an Amazing Trip

Aren’t you the lucky one? Packing your suitcases and preparing for your trip. Well, sometimes it takes a little to make a big difference, and only a few tips can turn your trip into an even more amazing experience. So before you take off, make sure to read on and follow these 12 pieces of advice. 1. Prevent credit card …

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8 Tips to Save Money on Your Travels


Are you letting your limited budget stop you from travelling? Do you know that you can both travel (and enjoy yourself) and save some money as well? All you need is good organization, and some pre-thinking. Yes, you can actually go to some of the destination you’ve always wanted to go without spending all the money from your bank account. …

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Planning a Trip? Here Are 7 Essential Travel Tips You Need to Know


Travelling is fun. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t tricky. Take for example Kate. She made a spur-of-the-moment decision to pack her bags and spend a few days in Bali to “de-stress.” So she booked a flight and jetted off the country to the exotic locale. It’s not her first time to go to Bali. And previously, the package came …

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