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12 Travel Tips to Have an Amazing Trip

Aren’t you the lucky one? Packing your suitcases and preparing for your trip. Well, sometimes it takes a little to make a big difference, and only a few tips can turn your trip into an even more amazing experience. So before you take off, make sure to read on and follow these 12 pieces of advice. 1. Prevent credit card …

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15 fascinating facts about North Korea


North Korea, also referred to as the “hermit kingdom” is often in the news for upgrading their military equipment and making nuclear threats that have, thankfully, not been fulfilled. North Korea whose residents are mostly atheist is a self-reliant socialist state, but many see it as totalitarian. It has been one of the most secretive societies in the world for …

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Why I Want to Visit China 


China leaves the impression that it is not for the faint hearted. It can also be unfriendly to solo travelers compared to its neighboring countries like Vietnam, Bangkok or the Philippines. If your main language is English, expect to do a lot of miming when talking to locals. But the uniqueness of China also gives me reason why I would …

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