Tara Reid Shows Off Her Alarmingly Skinny Body

Tara Reid was spotted wearing a colorful bikini in Miami Beach and it caught a lot of attention. Mainly, people were looking at her body figure, which now isn’t Twiggy skinny, but skeleton skinny. Everybody was wondering if she was doing okay because there were plenty of photos of her new skinny figure all over the Internet. Before all of this, about two months ago the actress posted a picture of herself wearing a bikini – at the time she wasn’t that bony. You could compare and see the difference. We are all left wondering what did she do during the last couple of months to lose that much weight and did she undergo another liposuction.

This is not the first time Tara Reid got attention because of her body image. 

Back in November 2014, during Thanksgiving season, she posted a picture on Instagram looking slimmer than ever. Actually, a lot of people were comparing her old photos and her recent photos trying to figure out why she was doing that to herself.

Tara also admitted to having undergone liposuction to achieve six-pack abs.

She did say that even though she was skinny, she does want a visible six-pack. Reid also said that she had body contouring but it was a fail. She stated that her stomach got very rippled and bulgy.

Meanwhile, the actress received a lot of criticism, but did you know what she did? She laughed and told them that she was born with a small body figure. Well, I do agree that she was born with a small body figure, but not that small. There’s no one on Earth that was born that skinny (to the point that you could see the bones). But even though Tara received a lot of criticism, she still remained smiling and laughing.

Before the skeletal figure problem, Tara had an issue that she was using a Photoshop application to edit her Instagram photos to make her look more appealing (not that she needs an application to help her).

The tabloids jumped on the story and blown it out of proportions. And even though the public was on her side the story did not fade. Some were judging her about the allegedly Photoshopped images, while the rest were judging her figure (these people just never stop and try to bring her down).

But the good thing about Tara is that she isn’t afraid to show her body, she doesn’t care whether people would judge, she doesn’t please everyone and she’s strong. You could see a lot of pictures of her and her friends smiling under the sun of Miami. Every day she posts selfies on her Instagram account, looking skinny, but healthy and active.

Reports say that she tweeted a message on Wednesday saying that she was bullied by tabloids, and that they were making fun of her skinny frame and she claimed that her photos were altered.

The actress tweeted this, “I don’t appreciate all the tabloids bullying me!” 

So, what do you think about Tara Reid’s figure right now? Is she looking fine? Is she still the sexy Tara Reid you saw from American Pie or does her new figure look anorexic and unhealthy? It’s up to you to decide. All we could say to Tara Reid is that we just hope she knows what she’s doing and wish her good health.

However, fan or not, we all should give some respect and stop with the cyber bullying.