The 10 Most Idiotic Beauty Treatments Ever

Everyone wants to look beautiful, but some people are going to extremes. Today, beauty seems to be more important for some people than anything else, and women are making huge efforts to maintain their glowing skin and a perfect body without any flaws. Both women and men are going to extents to slow down their aging process and keep on looking young for as long as possible, and in those efforts they sometimes do some things that could sound ridiculous and crazy to most people. Some are even ready to risk their health in order to get a bigger chest, a younger-looking face, or get rid of all the imperfections they see on their bodies. On the other hand, some are not harmful for the health, but are simply foolish. Here are the 10 beauty treatments that could be considered idiotic and shocking.

1. Thai Face Slapping

Would you pay 350 dollars so that someone would slap you? Well, some people actually do. Slapping is how some Thai natural health practitioners see an anti-aging treatment. One such practitioner said that this practice helps shrink pores, tighten the skin without the need of invasive surgeries, and even ‘erase’ wrinkles, as Daily Mail reported in November 2012.

There is salon in San Francisco where face slapping is a regular beauty treatment, and if you decide to try it, you’ll pay $350 for fifteen minutes of having your face slapped. The owner of the salon, called Tata, was trained in Thailand and claims that the results of this treatment are instantly visible.

The clients who have tried this face slapping treatment say that, although it doesn’t require a surgery, it is still pretty painful. But they still come back for more. Tata was the only person in America who practiced Thai face slapping back in 2012, and she now teaches her wisdom to other people who are ready to pay lots of money for the course.

Although paying lots of money for getting your face slapped sounds crazy, Tata is always busy working in her salon.

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