The 8 Best Companies to Work for in 2016

When you’re looking for a calling, you are probably thinking that you should either look for a job you love or one that will bring more income, but in reality you don’t have to settle for second best when you can have both – if you are working at the right company.

You want your employer and superiors to respect you and your work and efforts, a paycheck that can pay your bills and lifestyle and a job you will be happy to go to every day. It would also be ideal if your job had a purpose and didn’t cause you to lose your nerves daily. You think there aren’t such companies that can give you all that? Well, there are.

Here are the 8 best companies to work for in 2016.

8. eBay

eBay is probably the world’s largest marketplace where a person can buy almost anything. This company creates connections between millions of buyers and sellers all around the world, and it has been doing so since the founding of the company in 1995. The company itself is located in San Jose, California and the median annual salary is around $118,000. As an employee there, you would always feel like a part of a great team, while you would also have the opportunity to work from home. As this company is always making some innovations and improvements, working there can only become better.

7. Twitter

A company where an employee’s happiness comes first and where you won’t be forbidden from using social media (in fact using them is obligatory), at Twitter there are numerous highly professional people with high job satisfaction, good salaries and a sense of importance. Workers’ efforts and achievements are always recognized, there are numerous benefits they can enjoy such as free food, free gym memberships and organized social activities. As communication between superiors and employees is one of the company’s priorities, everyone knows what is expected of them and are prepared to complete all the tasks. The average annual salary at Twitter is $120,000.

6. Amgen

Amgen, a biotechnology company which is engaged in discovering, developing, manufacturing and delivering human therapeutics is a place where 85 percent of workers feel that what they’re doing has a meaning and that they can work towards making a positive change in human lives.  The median annual salary in this company is around $119,000, and headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, this company provides job opportunities for over 17,900 employees. The company also offers a great work environment and a chance to develop your career and progress financially and professionally.

5. Johnson & Johnson

In Johnson & Johnson, the world-famous pharmaceutical company, over 126,000 employees report 79 percent rate of high job meaning. This is understandable, as most of the company departments deal with producing pharmaceutical products for the care of families and children. This job has a great purpose, and the median annual salary isn’t so bad either. With $104,000 per year you can afford to live a normal life in New Jersey, where this company is located, and with the positive work atmosphere you will be going to work with a big smile on your face.

4. Nestlé

How could working at a company that produces some of the world’s most famous chocolates be bad? In Nestlé, you can always progress and move up professionally. At first, you will be given smaller roles at the company, but as you show your commitment and dedication, you will be given an opportunity for promotion and moving up to more important roles. All the employees in Nestle are provided with discounts when it comes to travelling, cell phone bills, buying electronics and cars, movie tickets and even food. Could life be sweeter?

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is one the companies that have dominated the world of IT for decades and has given us plenty of opportunities when it comes to work and entertainment. Working in such a company cannot make you feel unimportant. In Microsoft, the median annual salary is $123,000 and around 41 percent of employees work remotely from the comfort of their homes. Each employee has a free gym membership, paid house-call doctors, and many other perks that make almost all the employees happy and satisfied.

2. Google

Google is obviously among the best companies to work for, and working there has become a status symbol. Besides flexible working hours, great salaries, opportunities to take free courses and fitness memberships (and many others perks), at Google you’ll be feeling as comfortable as at home. Workers there are treated with the utmost respect and employees’ satisfaction and happiness is always a priority, besides the obvious business purpose of the company. And as icing on the cake, median annual salary at Google is $141,000.

1. Facebook

Facebook could well be the best company to work for, not only in America, but in the entire world. The offices are equipped with food each employee has free access to and the atmosphere is youthful, relaxing and energetic. All the IT experts and people specialized in social media aspire to work at Facebook. At this company, there is a chance of progressing and after five years your median annual salary becomes $135,000. Around 9,200 workers at Facebook report a 93 percent high job satisfaction rate, which may be the highest such rate in all the companies in the world.