The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

They say that a bob cut hairstyle goes with any face shape. Not just a bob cut but also shoulder length cuts, bangs, and even pixie hairstyles. Do you agree that these types of cuts match any face shape? Maybe they do, and maybe they don’t, but whatever face shape you have there will always be an awesome haircut that enhances your look. On the other hand not every hairstyle is meant for you, there are some hairstyles that will just not match your face. In shorter terms, it will not look flattering.

The hair is the second most precious thing a girl must take care of. You know what they say, “The hair is the woman’s crowning glory”. Having nice hair can also boost a lady’s confidence. So before chopping it, ask around what type of haircut best fits your face shape? First conclude what your face shape is: Is it round, oval, heart, or square? When you figure that out, here are a few tips to help you choose your new hairstyle.

1. Round Face

People who have this face shape are said to have fuller cheeks and a soft non-angular feature. Below are the hairstyles that will match your round face:

  • Asymmetrical

Emma Stone is a good example of an asymmetrical hairstyle. If you are wondering, yes, she does have a round face. Hairstylists claim that uneven lengths or mixing of lengths of hair looks good on a round face. If you are conscious of your full cheeks, add long swept-side bangs to make you look slimmer.

  • Long layers

If you want this type of hairstyle, have it a few inches past your shoulders and add layers that hit your jaw. Kate Bosworth could be your hair inspiration for this type.

  • Defined Pixie

Don’t be afraid to go short; don’t be afraid to show your full cheeks. Ginnifer Goodwin didn’t care whether people will love her or hate her. She rocked the pixie cut. It emphasizes the cheekbones and eyes.

  • Angled bob

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it gives you structure and angles. The hard lines of the hair will contrast the soft contours of your face.

2. Oval Face

You are very lucky – any hairstyle matches your face shape!

  • Blunt bangs

Cutting your bangs straight across the brow line can create the illusion of width. Taylor Swift is the best example for this haircut. To keep it blunt, pass it one or two times with a flatiron.

  • Center part

This cut should be in shoulder length or longer, and is also a very good recommendation for girls with oval faces. You could add soft waves like Hilary Duff did and give this hairstyle a nice playful twist.

  • Edgy short cut

Rihanna is the hair inspiration for this. This hairstyle makes you look sexy and at the same time feminine. It’s because you show skin in the neck and ear area.

3. Square Face

People with square faces have this strong appeal because of the angular jaw lines. It is also thought that they age well because of their face shape.

  • Thinned out bob cut

This hairstyle will look great. The cut hits just around the cheek area.

  • Tousled shag

If you don’t want to show off that strong angular jaw line, this haircut is just right for you, as it deemphasizes the shape of your face. Rachel McAdams is your hair inspiration for this one.

  • Wavy ends

Every hairstyle has a hair inspiration. For this one, it’s Megan Fox. The wave from the ear down looks really hot and also it helps conceal the sharpness of the jaw line.

4. Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and a narrow jaw line and chin. The best hairstyles for this face type are:

  • Bouncy bob

Cuts that are below the jaw line help fill up that jaw area. This cut deemphasizes the triangular figure of the face.

  • Long layered waves

To offset the width of the heart, you might want a few pieces of hair to fall over the ears and nose. And having long layered waves can cover the jaw area. For hair inspiration, search Jessica Biel.