The Best Time to Put Your House Up For Sale

Solving the mystery of when the best time to sell your home is can be very difficult because it depends on many factors. What is not a mystery, nor a secret, is the fact that you want to sell your house for as much money as you can and as quickly as possible, so you can move to another place that you will be able to afford with the money you get from your sale.

There are no specific rules regarding the time of selling your house, because the conditions vary from city to city, and from neighborhood to neighborhood. However, there are some general advices that you can apply according to the type of situation you are in, and based on that decide when will be the best time to sell your house.

Seasons of the year

When looking at seasons, spring has always been the best moment to sell a house, because this is when people have the most time as it is the season when there are the least celebrations or holidays. This means they will have more time for themselves and that is when they will think about purchasing a house – and they will be able to come see what they are buying. This goes in your favor because during spring your yard will look better than during any other season, which will surely contribute to a good first impression.

The second best season to sell your house is autumn. Your house and yard will not look as good as in spring, but it will still look pretty good. Also, this is the time, as in spring, when there aren’t many holidays and people will have the time and money to think about buying a home. But as the holidays begin to approach, the market slows down, so if you are selling in autumn, try to complete the sale before October, as that is when it becomes more difficult and the prices go down.

Summer and winter are not such good seasons for home sales. Namely, during summer many people go to vacations or don’t have time to deal with home purchase as their children are on summer break and take up most of their attention, energy and time. Winter, on the other hand is when most holidays take place, so there is a money shortage and people’s financial conditions are not so good, so even if they want to buy your house, they will try to buy it for a lot less than you would be willing to sell it for.

The time when the market thrives

Regardless of the season, the market has ups and downs, making it easier or harder to sell your home. You can check with a local real estate agent how long houses stay on the marked each month, and based on that determine which month is the best for a sale. The statistics can, however, only give you a broad picture and not the exact amount of time it will take you to sell your house, but with the help of a good realtor, you should have no problems selling for a good price and in a short period of time.

The best time to sell is when you are ready

If you are not ready to sell your house – don’t. It is important to have a place to move to, and to be prepared to move. It is also important that you prepare your house for the sale, meaning completing the necessary repair work and polishing it so it can be sold for what it’s worth. If you try to sell it while it’s not completely ready, you will probably be disappointed with the outcome. Moreover, if your house stays on the market for a long time, more and more people will start thinking that something is wrong with it as nobody bought it yet. Therefore, wait until you and the house are ready, and only then will be the right time to sell it.