The Color of Clothes Best Fitting Your Skin Tone

Sometimes, a certain color looks perfect on someone while at the same time looking disastrous on you, and vice versa.

The reason for that is simple – the color of the clothes must match your skin tone to make a certain impression. The colors that you wear make a statement, and here is our guide on how to pick the right ones.

Light skin tone – People with light skin tone usually have lighter hair color and blue or green eyes. They are very pale and sometimes their veins can be visible through the skin.

If you have a light skin tone the most suitable colors for you are:

Emerald green will highlight the natural beauty of your skin and create a contrast. If you have light hair color as well, this color is the best choice for you. Combine a dress in this color with red jewelry and black shoes or boots to accentuate your skin tone or eyes even more.

Pastel colors, such as baby blue, will give you an additional look of gentleness. Red lipstick goes perfectly with this look. Combining a pastel blue dress with a leather jacket and red lipstick will give you the perfect gentle, yet rocking style.

Caramel is a classical color that goes with everything, and it is most suitable for pale people because it gives the needed contrast. Combine wide pants in this color with a button down shirt in black or white, put your hair in a high pony tail or a bun and you’ll look serious, yet playful.

Middle skin tone – This is the most common one. This skin tone is usually followed by naturally light or dark brown hair and brown eyes, although green or blue eyes are not so uncommon.

If you have a warm undertone, the best color for you is bronze. It will enunciate the warmth and the glow of your skin, while grey will be the perfect choice for people with cold undertones. On the other hand, bright neon colors will look great on you no matter what the undertone, because they will make a great contrast.

Combine bronze with black for an evening look, while gray goes well with colors such as purple or blue. Neon colors are fun and playful so you can combine them with black to tone it down a little.

Dark skin tone – People with a dark skin tone almost always have naturally dark brown to black hair and dark brown eyes. It is unlikely that these people will have green or blue eyes, but not impossible.

People with this skin tone should avoid dressing in black or white. These colors are too plain for this skin tone and make no statement. The best choice is to dress in cobalt blue or fiery red, because these colors will make the best contrast to your skin tone and make you stand out, while pastel colors will do the trick for a more gentle look.

Cobalt blue goes well with dark red or orange, however you may want to avoid mixing the two colors (red and orange) in your outfit. Choose a cobalt dress and an orange necklace, add a purse that matches the necklace and you’re ready for drinks with your friends.

Fiery red is a loud color that makes a statement. Because it is so loud, make sure not to have too many details on you. You’d want to combine it with black, for example, a black top with a red skirt and red fingernails, or if you have pale skin you can contrast it with a fiery red dress and black over the knees-boots.