The World’s Largest BBQ Pit Comes from (Of Course) Texas

There are two things Texas is known for: making everything extra extra extra big and BBQs. At Brenham, Texas, a couple is bringing two of Texas’ biggest passions together and serving up barbecue in a BIG way.

Meet the Undisputable Cuz, a 76-foot smoker that can cook up to 4 tons of meat in one go. I don’t know who would need 4 tons of meat in a single sitting, but it seems Terry Folsom and wife Kim Folsom, owners of the Undisputable Cuz, have decided they’d rather be prepared should the need to feed a whole country arise.

The smoker has some pretty incredible specs: ventilated by 7 smokestacks, has 24 doors (12 on each side) and is outfitted with 4 beer taps, just in case you get thirsty eating all that meat. It even has its own walk-in cooler (because obviously it isn’t Texas enough if it doesn’t at least have a walk-in cooler). This thing is so massive that the owners need a special permit and a police escort just to drive it down the street.

Owner Terry Folsom acquired the behemoth barbecue pit in a business deal with its previous owner in 2013. Apparently, the odd moniker for the pit is a tribute to its previous owner for whom the barbecue pit is named after. The previous owner, presumably also named Cuzor Undisputable, used to take the truck on tours going to Las Vegas, and even to events like NASCAR and the Super Bowl. What a tailgating experience that must have been.

The Undisputable Cuz might get on the road again as the Folsoms try to sell the giant barbecue pit adorned all over Texas. This monster meat smoker costs a pretty little penny at $350,000. The asking price doesn’t include the low mileage 18-speed Peterbilt that hauls the barbecue pit around. The Peterbilt’s asking price is at $50,000. Undisputable Cuz is parked along highway 290, between Austin and Houston. $400,000 seems like a large sum of money, so the Folsoms are willing to give you a sweet deal by charging only $3.58 for the shipping fees.

Cuz’s current owners seem excited to get the world’s largest barbecue pit off their hands. With Kim Folsom saying, “Some people tell me we ought to put it back on tour, but I’d rather just sell it and get it gone”. Her husband seems to feel the same way, “Get me a certified check and bring it on over here and give it to me and they’ll own it. I’ll take it where they’ll need it.” That should explain the $3.58 shipping fee on eBay where the couple have also put up an ad for the barbecue pit.

As of this writing, 6 people have made inquiries about the Undisputable Cuz on eBay.

Despite some barbecue experts saying that the larger than life barbecue pit probably doesn’t cook that well, we’d personally love to see the Undisputable Cuz on the road again. Let’s hope Cuz’s new owner will be up to the task of taking this BBQ star on tour.