The Wrong Ways of Putting on Makeup Can Make You Look Older: Here’s How

As young girls, we usually start using makeup in order to look older. But as we grow older that’s not our goal anymore. We want to look younger for as long as possible and we do anything we can to achieve the effect. However, sometimes we are our own biggest enemies here and we don’t even realize that having certain makeup routines actually makes us look older. Here are 13 common mistakes that you should stop making right now.

 1. Glossy eyeshadow

Even though experimenting with colorful and glossy eyeshadows may sound appealing, if you want to look younger, it’s a total mistake. Anything glossy will only emphasize imperfections and wrinkles around your eyes and draw attention to under-eye bags or saggy eyelids. You should, instead, stick to matte eyeshadow that has a more subtle effect.

 2. No-makeup policy

A lot of women like to keep their fresh-looking appearance by sticking to their natural beauty. And that’s fine. But as we grow older, our beauty fades. Outer lines of our lips become lighter thus making our lips smaller and less defined. Our eyebrows and eyelashes also become brighter. So it’s ok to add a little makeup on your face just to emphasize your best features.

3. Wrong concealer/too much of concealer

As we grow older, we need more concealer to hide imperfections such as wrinkles and tiny scars on our face. So we tend to overdo it with concealer or use the one which eventually sinks into the pores and makes the imperfections even more visible. Use concealer in moderate amounts and opt for the liquid kind which is better at smoothening the lines.

4. Neglecting the eyebrows

Luckily for us ladies, an eyebrow trend that makes us look fantastic is finally back. We’re talking about thick eyebrows. It is the healthiest-looking and the most natural trend and beautiful eyebrows can take off years from your age. Taking good care of the eyebrows and filling them in is also extremely important for the youthful and tidy look. Use a pencil one shade brighter than your brow color for the best effect.

 5. Wrong color blush

Blush has the ability to complete our look perfectly but also to ruin it and make it look totally artificial. That’s why you need to choose the right color of the blush and learn to apply the right amount. If you have fair complexion, stick to the rosy and peachy shades, and if you’re skin is darker then you can venture into orange and brown undertones. Just make sure it’s subtle, otherwise it can add up a few years to your actual age.

 6. Wrong shade of powder/concealer

This one is important no matter how old you are, but the fact is that choosing an off shade of the powder or the concealer can make the imperfections you’re trying to hide emphasize even more. For example, if your concealer for under-eye area is too bright, it is going to stand out against the color of your face. Choose a concealer the same shade of your face or just a shade lighter.

 7. Dark lipstick

Lips are incredibly important when it comes to the overall impression. With just some great lipstick, you can look fantastic, while using the wrong color can ruin your whole look. Darker tones of lipstick can make you look older than you are, and lighter tones have a similar affect. If you’re in more mature age, you should stick to the shades similar to your lip color or just a few shades darker.

 8. Wrong face cream

Moisturizing your skin with a good face cream is crucial for keeping your skin young. Proper hydration can go a long way and can postpone the onset of wrinkles and other imperfections that come with age. So before even putting any makeup, make sure your skin is properly moisturized with a cream that suits your skin type.

 9. Dark eyes

This was our favorite trick when we were younger – dark eyes pretty much meant we could get into any club without even showing our ID. But now when we want to avoid looking older, dark eyes are out of the question. Stick to the lighter tones and a more natural look. It’s time to let go of that dark eye shadow, thick eyeliner, and tons of mascara. This doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your eyes, just stick to the subtle and light approach.

10. Skipping on the primer

Primer can do you a great favor no matter how old you are. A good silicone-based primer is excellent for smoothening your skin out before applying the foundation. Now imagine what it can do for you if your skin is already showing signs of aging. Get a primer and say goodbye to those fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

 11. Applying blush incorrectly

You have been putting makeup for ages or even decades and you might have been applying blush wrong this whole time. Focusing too much on the center of your cheekbone, that is, the apple of your cheek, gives your face an unnatural look, while applying it too low makes your face look saggy and older. Follow your cheekbone with a few upward brush strokes and you will have that perfect, youthful glow.

 12. Lining your lower lid

This is a big makeup no-no. It may have been cool in the 80s or even 90s, but those times have long gone. If you want to look younger you must keep up with the trends and lose those that do you no favors. Lining your lower lid makes your eyes look smaller and tired, dragging your whole face down. Forget about lining your lower lid and opt for a thin eyeliner layer on your upper lid instead.

13. Too much foundation

We often think that applying a thick layer of foundation, or several layers of it, can make us conceal the imperfections better. But that’s where we’re wrong. A ton of foundation is the last thing an aging face needs. It will only sink into the pores and make them more obvious. Also, be very careful with powder because it can dry out your skin and make it look even older. Choose the tone of foundation wisely and use it moderately for the best effect.