These 8 U.S. Cities Have the Worst Bed Bug Problems Ever

Bedbugs are those small oval insects that can live anywhere in your home and suck blood from humans and animals. They often choose to live in furniture or any other type of textile, but the most common place they can be found is in beds (mattress, box springs, bed frames).

These boring pests are most active during the night and they will usually wait until you fall asleep to bite you, and they like the areas of the face, neck, hands and arms the most. Even though the bites are usually not even noticeable, they sometimes leave the ‘victim’ with something resembling an itching rash.  These bugs feed on your blood for 3-10 minutes, and then go away.

As bed bugs feed only on blood, you cannot say that having them in your house is a sign of filthiness or lack of hygiene. These bugs don’t spread diseases but the physical and mental effects on health have become of public concern. As they reproduce fairly quickly and attach to peoples personal belongings, they can go from home to home very easily and spread out of control.

To prevent this mass infestation, people should inspect their homes in search for bed bugs, wash and dry clothes and other fabrics on the highest temperatures allowed for the fabrics to make sure you killed them if they are there, and always thoroughly inspect second hand furniture, as there are most probably bed bugs inside.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agree with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that bed bug infestations are a burden on society as much money is lost on dealing with this situation. Several cities in the U.S. have been reported as having the highest level of bed bug infestations.

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