These 8 U.S. Cities Have the Worst Bed Bug Problems Ever

1. Chicago, Illinois

For the second year now, Chicago has been reported as the worst city in America for having the most bed bugs, according to Orkin (major pest control service provider). The bed bug problem has become so serious in the past few years that the City Council demanded a formation of a formal management plan for dealing with these pests.

More and more people are complaining about their homes and public institutions being infested with bed bugs. Even a Chicago firehouse has been treated for this problem. The fire department thinks that they came with a box spring they brought in, and after they got rid of it they called the inspectors for infectious diseases and the exterminators, and they successfully handled this problem. However, this is not the only public institution dealing with this issue.

In order to become more successful in dealing with the bed bug situation, this city is doing everything in its power to make sure that the residents are well informed about the necessary precautionary measures needed to protect themselves and their homes from bed bugs. Experts on this matter agree that public awareness is the best defense against this problem.

If actions against beg bugs are not taken quickly after the problem appears, getting rid of them may be a difficult task. That is why it is very important to use the best possible methods, and for that reason Chicago has partnered with the Midwest Pesticide Action Center NFP to provide the best fact sheets and information for the city residents, hoping that it may help this city to reduce the levels of infestation.

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