These Roles Destroyed Their Careers

They were young, they were promising, they could have done so much more in their careers but then they made one wrong decision and it was all over.

These 10 actors made the worst mistakes of their lives by taking roles in catastrophic movies, and even though they tried to recover, their careers had already been dead.

1. Mike Myers in The Love Guru

Canadian comedian, Mike Myers brought us many laughs ever since he appeared on Saturday Night Live. His quirky persona stood out from all the other comedians and quickly paved him the way into the movie industry. It didn’t take Myers much time to become an international star with leading roles in movies such as Austin Powers, Wayne’s World and Shrek. But then, Myers decided to try out something different.

He wrote and produced a 2008 romantic comedy The Love Guru where he also played the main character. He should have stuck to acting only, because the movie was a terrible box office failure. And not only that, the critics weren’t gentle towards it, calling it “downright unfunny“ and Myers even won three Golden Raspberries for Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay and Worst Actor. He never quite managed to get on the audience’s good side again and, apart from appearing in some documentaries, Myers didn’t have any roles. It was like he stopped being funny right there and then.

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  1. “These Roles Destroyed Their Careers” Good actors and actresses find themselves in the credits of some real turkeys. That’s show business! To say that these folks will never appear in films again is ridiculous.