Things that Only Seem as a Good Idea on Dates (but NEVER Are)

Dating is scary. We’re supposed to click with someone we’ve just met and turn them into a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. This is a lot of pressure which is why we tend to freak out and get all sorts of crazy ideas that totally might work but never really do. So, on your next date, try to stay away from the following:

1. Pretending to like the things they like

One of the most important things on dates are common interests. Of course you have a bigger chance of connecting with somebody if they like the same things you do. You have more topics to talk about and you notice that moment you realize they started liking you a little more because you like the same band or the same movie. However, you may catch yourself lying about your interests just to match theirs which is never a good idea because your little secret will be revealed sooner or later.

2. Going to dinner and then not eating

This one is common, especially for girls. You have agreed to have dinner with your dream guy, but you still want to keep your poise and come off as sophisticated. So you stare at your plate filled with delicious food claiming you’re just stuffed after having two bites. Or worse yet, you order a salad that you don’t even like. You want this person to like you the way you are, don’t you? Then order something you like, and eat like a normal person.

3. Overdoing

We mean this in every sense possible. If you’re only beginning to date, you should never overdo things. This means no fancy restaurants, no candle-lit dinners in your apartment and no expensive gifts. This may sound like a great idea in your head, but it usually turns into a big failure. It comes off as desperate and creepy and the other side will feel extremely uncomfortable. Leave those romantic things for the relationship part.

4. Bragging

Naturally, you want your date to see you as an awesome human being and you want to show off all of your best qualities just to make sure your date knows what he or she is in for. But the absolute worst thing you could do on a date is brag about yourself. Not only is this extremely douchey, it also makes you look insecure. So instead of talking about how great/smart/rich you are, try communicating naturally and bringing it up through conversation.

5. Dressing up way to much

We said it already, and we’ll say it again – you want your date to like you the way you are. So if dressing up to look like a movie star isn’t your usual self, don’t suddenly turn it into a thing just because you’re going on a date. This guy, or girl wants to see the real you, and if things go well, they will have to see it sooner or later. So, dress to impress but keep it casual and don’t try to be someone you’re not.

6. Going too deep with the topics

Everyone always tells you to stay as far away from the “ex talk” as possible. But in fact, you should just steer clear from all the deep topics. Although you may feel like you can talk to this guy/girl about anything (even though it has only been three dates), sharing your family history or talking about your childhood diseases is not such a great idea. Sure, you should share some information about yourself so that this person can get to know you better, but some things are better left in therapy.

7. Getting tipsy before (or on) the date

Every now and then we totally freak out about a date and start thinking about all the worst-case scenarios in our head before the date even begins. That’s when a genius idea pops to our head – why not have a few glasses of wine, or shots of tequila before we leave the house? But this is only a great idea in your head. Because the real catastrophe will happen once you get to your date tipsy and start saying and doing inappropriate things. You can forget about the next date.

8. Texting

This should go without saying – stop touching your phone while on a date. Your best friend is probably super-concerned about how your date is going but they can wait until the date is over to hear about it. And whether you’re disappointed or amazed by your date, you can text your friend after you wrap it up. Staring endlessly at your phone while the person on the other side of the table is talking is incredibly rude and never a good idea.