Think Aspirin Is Safe To Use? Better Think Again

Aspirin helps people a lot, it can serve as a treatment for mini-strokes, reduces the risk of heart attacks and the common thing is that we use it to relieve pain like back pain, crumps or headache. These are the common things that we experience that hinder us to do our activities. Every day, many people are enjoying the effect in using aspirin to lighten their feelings when they suffer from pain, however, many of us doesn’t know the other hidden effects of this medicine.  We just take it hoping for the best but what we don’t know is that it serves as danger in our body. We may be happy for the relief that this medicine gives us but we need to know the worst and the hidden effects of this medicine.

The Dangers of Aspirin

According to some studies, taking aspirin can cause different damages in our body such as having trouble with our kidneys, having a chance of suffering from pancreatic cancer and the worst is life threatening allergic reaction. These are the common things that we should know about the hidden effects of the medicines that we are taking especially for aspirin. Taking even just a small dosage of aspirin like 75mg/day can be very toxic for us. The higher the dose is, the more prone to danger you are, and the lower the dose you take, the less risk. That is according to some studies.

Why Is Taking Natural Alternatives Better

Obviously aspirin is a chemical product, and what will be the counterpart of chemicals but naturals. Taking some natural alternatives is better because you don’t need to think about the bad effects that will harm your body instead; you’re going to enjoy its good effect on you without worrying about the toxic that may give to you. For people who use natural alternatives, they have a lower risk of danger and having a life-threatening disease.

Best Natural Alternatives

One of the best natural alternatives is to use Pycnogenol from the pine bark of a tree better known as Pinus pinaster. Pycnogenol is better than using aspirin in decreasing the rate of smoking-induced clotting without having the risk of some life-threatening illness. This alternative can also be use as an anti-inflammatory and known as preventive medicine in increasing platelet.


Using aspirin gives us high risk in obtaining some serious damage in our body as being mentioned earlier. Even we take a small dose of this medicine; it will still cause some trouble in our life.  Though there are a lot of good things that an aspirin can do to our body, but we still need to think about the effect that it can give to us. It’s not a bad idea to use an alternative medicine as long as it won’t give a high risk. It’s never too late to change taking chemical medicine. We should be open minded and be aware of the possible effects of taking medicine like the aspirin so we don’t do more harm than good to our body.