This Loving Couple Died in Each Other’s Arms Hours Apart

Soul mates do exist. A testament to such love is a 95-year-old couple who died in each other’s arms, just hours apart.

When Alexander Toczkos’ health took a turn for the worse, Jeannette followed after, not wanting to live without her husband. Their five children fulfilled their wish of spending their final moments together, but it is their love story that turns a tragedy into a unique story of love, family, and a lifelong friendship.

Jeannette and Alexander knew they were destined for each other ever since they were children.

Both born into large, loving families of Polish immigrants, they became “boyfriend and girlfriend” at the age of eight. They got married in 1940, and the match made in heaven overcame their first marital trials during Alexander’s service in the U.S. Navy as a telegraph operator. Once the war was over, the couple moved to New York, where he pursued a career in advertising and they both tended to their growing family.

Then again, in the 1970s, the Toczkos moved, only this time to San Diego. With Jeannette as his chief stylist, Alexander used his knowledge from New York to found Blue Sky, an advertising and fashion photography firm, in a studio they built themselves. With their joined forces, business had thrived for fifteen prolific years.

To top off their economic success, the two nurtured a healthy family and five wonderful children.

The golden days of retirement came, and in that time, both spouses found a new life pursuit – Jeannette enriched the household with her bursting creativity and became an exceptional grandmother to ten grandchildren, while Alexander found another passion – golf and drawing.

Even in their golden age, Alexander and Jeannette expressed immense love and support for each other. Not only were they spouses, but also one another’s best friend and confidant.

Not even sickness could cloud those feelings. When Alexander fell and broke his hip at a golfing accident, he immediately became bed-ridden. Jeannette’s health quickly came crumbling down, as if she knew her husband was living out his last few weeks. Following the Toczkos lifetime wish, the hospice brought a joint hospital bed into their home, so they could be in each other’s arms as they pass away.

For a while, everything was silent as the two of them laid together, each broken in their own way.

Then Jeanette asked her children what day it was. They answered it was June. She said it was the 29th, the day of their 75th anniversary, and even though she was mistaken about the date, the children decided to go ahead and celebrate with flowers and balloons. Jeannette was thrilled, knowing they could happily go now that they have reached the milestone.

And then, Alexander died.

On June 17th, he breathed his last breaths as Jeannette held him. Upon hearing him pass away, she hugged Alexander and whispered: “See, this is what you wanted. You died in my arms and I love you. I love you, wait for me, I’ll be there soon.

Around twenty-four hours later, she passed as well.

They were buried on June 27th, followed by a celebration of their anniversary. The lasting image of the embraced couple signaled an end of a romance not even Hollywood could rival.

Many newlyweds vow that their love will be eternal, but only in the case of Alexander and Jeanette is the moniker “till death do us part” just another obstacle true love can overcome.

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