Top 15 Green Celebrities Who Are Making a Difference

The fact that they’re famous often gives their opinions an added value because they influence so many people around the world. That’s why we have nothing but love for these 15 celebrities who are going the extra mile to be eco-friendly and are putting effort to save our planet Earth and inspire others to do the same.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Famous actress is often criticized over her controversial condescending statements and her know-it-all attitude. But when it comes to the environment, she really does know better than most of her colleagues.  Growing up with a mother who is an environmental activist, Gwyneth spent a lot of her childhood an youth learning about going green.

She visited the markets and learned a lot about organic nutrition. Now, she is trying to instill these values in her own children. Apart from collaborating with The Shaklee Foundation on her book, she has recently launched her own line of eco-friendly clothing made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles.

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