Top 15 Richest Women in the World 2014

2. Alice Walton

Besides Christy, the Walton family also takes up the 9th, 10th and 11th place on the Forbes list. Mrs. Alice Walton, another heiress of the Wal-Mart fortune, is the proud 10th richest person in the world.

Her net worth of $39.7 billion has given her the chance to focus on curating art, and open her Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas in 2011. This museum features works of Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell and Georgia O’Keeffe, as well as some pieces from her personal collection (valued in hundreds of millions of dollars). Christy Walton’s sister-in-law has also been spending her wealth on politics – supporting the Republican Party, and, lately, the presidential bid by Hillary Clinton.

Alice Walton has been involved in three serious automobile accidents. In 1983, she shattered her leg during a family reunion in Mexico, resulting in two dozen surgeries to ease the lingering pain she had felt. Later, in 1989, she struck and killed a 50-year-old woman, but no charges were ever filed. She was also caught driving under the influence multiple times, but, again, official charges were dropped.

She was twice married, but divorced both men.

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  1. everyone of them inherited their wealth. remember ladies- be hot or be the daughter of a rich guy

  2. Maria Victoria Salvino Martin

    It would be nice if u work hard be successful and rich.

  3. The first thing I looked for was whether it was self-made or inherited and had the same reaction as others here. What a shame it was not self-made. Then i caught myself and recognized my own sexism. I would never have done the same to a list of men.

    In my opinion, many people also make the mistake of assuming females aren’t capable when they are may simply have higher minded priorities. I’ve met and worked for the 5th richest man, I won’t say who, but he was not a particularly happy person. Very insecure and needing to prove his superiority to everyone including the waiter.

    After looking into it I found that, yes, there are more self-made billionaire men but found this interesting:
    -The 4th richest, Amancio Ortega founded Zara with his wife. She is not listed. (Sometimes women are involved but not taking/getting the credit)
    -The 9th and 14th richest, Jim & S. Robson Walton inherited walmat fortune along with his sisters listed here Christy and Alice.
    -The 13th richest, Bernard Arnault, from LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) inherited his fortune.
    -18th richest, Sheldon Adelson made his money from Casinos but his wife Miriam is Physician focusing on drug abuse treatment
    -19th richest, Larry Page founded Google and his wife studied at Oxford and Stanford and has done medical work in Africa

    (By the way, I’m a woman)

    • Also of interest: No one on the 20 richest (billionaires) in 1980 are on the list now.

    • Still does,not change that most of the wealthiest women obtained their money from the men they messed with. Hell you got to go to Oprah to get a woman who made her own money and that is sad.

  4. bobbi kristina??? 12m.

  5. She has fortune, anyway, she works for charity, that makes sense

  6. Thank you, I am thinking the same!

  7. Anne Cox nearly married Eugene Ucker before meeting Mr Chambers. Which would have been unfortunate as she would be known as Anne Cox Ucker.

  8. all women are rich their family are wealth

  9. Julia Louis-Dreyfus ( actress,Elaine in Seinfeld ) inherited, I believed $2B from her father/grandfather.This lady must be her stepmom.

  10. they should consider using their monies to support the less fortunate in the society since they have more than they need.

  11. your point is?

    • They havent earned the money through their own effort. They havent invented anything, they havent created anything, they havent contributed anything to society to earn this money. They just popped out of the right uterus.

    • There’s the top 15 billionaire men, some that inherited their wealth and some that were self made. Then there’s the top 15 women, none of which achieved their wealth through their own work. Don’t turn this conversation into something it’s not. Of course women have the ability to get to the top of this list by their own hard work and sweat. They all just seem to take that other route.

      That is the point

      • oh get over yourself, her comment wasnt sexist at all, it had nothing to do with gender, you are the one who is trying to turn this into something its not. why are you making comparisons btwn billionaire women n men…she never said women do not have the ability to work hard and get to the top of the list…js that the women on this list actually did not…she did not say it is wrong. just stating facts.

  12. Joseph K. Mwangi

    They deserve what they have. None has significantly misused her wealth as most others would and have. Some have impacted positively on humanity, making a difference anyhow. These are good stewards of their divine endowment.Keep on regardless of what we think, say, or do! Bravo! I congratulate them all. JK Mwangi – in Kenya.

  13. Most of the richest people on Earth, BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, inherited at least a part of their fortune from their families, or were helped by their spouses (this even applies to men that work with their wives). And yet, I see many butt-hurt comments here of people trying to insult these people saying their fortunes are inherited, so that somehow makes these women stupid. You might not be millionaires….but you also were able to attend school and have the place your have in life because your parents had enough money to provide you with certain comforts. Does that make you stupid or useless too? Does that remove any of your own accomplishments? The answer is no. The women who inherited their fortunes here had done a great job by keeping them and expanding them. Would you be able to do the same????

  14. The people who are rich now start from the scrunch and others ineritate from the family

  15. I honestly don’t care if you think you are rich, but, I’m wealthy, and shall be happy to buy you lunch or dinner here in Conde Nast’s 2013 “World’s Best City” – # 4 or 5 Best in 2014.
    Can you count?
    I earned every dime.
    retired expatriate MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR