Top 5 Bond Girls

Let’s face it, as much as we get excited for every new James Bond movie for its captivating story and epic effects, expensive scenography and luxurious cars, we also get pretty excited to see what the new Bond girl has to bring to the table.

The standards have been set extremely high, thanks to the gorgeous actresses who have portrayed the Bond girls so far. Each one more beautiful and dangerous than the other – let’s see the best Bond girls throughout history.

#5 Tracy BondOn Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Countess Teresa di Vicenzo is one of the most important Bond girls ever, since she is one of the two Bond girls that Bond really falls in love with and the only one he marries. Their first encounter happens when she tries to commit suicide and Bond saves her life. Later, in the iconic scene Tracy holds Bond at gunpoint only to spend a passionate night with him afterwards. They slowly fall for each other and end up getting married. But their happiness doesn’t last long – she is killed by Bond’s enemy Blofeld only a few minutes after the wedding. Tracy is a very influential Bond girl since 007 is left a broken man after her death.

#4 Honey RyderDoctor No

Honey Ryder represents the birth of the Bond girl since Doctor No is the first James Bond movie. The legendary scene in which she comes out of the sea in her white bikini is one of the most famous moments in cinematography. Ursula Andress, who flawlessly portrayed the character of Honey, immediately became every man’s fantasy. Not only is she beautiful, but also sensitive and vulnerable with a touch of roughness. Honey may not have such a strong character as other Bond girls do, but she is definitely influential as she has set the standards for all other Bond girls. Fifty years have passed since then, but she will always be remembered as the original Bond girl.

#3 Vesper LyndCasino Royale 

Casino Royale is actually the first novel about the 007 agent which makes Vesper Lynd the first Bond girl. She is mysterious, elegant and intelligent and she is brilliantly portrayed by the French actress Eva Green. Bond is smitten by this beautiful lady, so much that he wants to give up his job to be with her. Vesper is fascinating because she is fighting her feelings throughout the whole movie. At the end of the movie we finally find out the reason for such behavior – she had been working for Bond’s enemies the whole time and her task is to betray him. But she can’t forgive herself and she feels guilty, so she lets herself get killed at the end.

#2 Elektra KingThe World Is Not Enough

Elektra King is another beautiful and classy character but she turns out to be anything but a typical Bond girl. As it always happens with 007 girls, Bond and Elektra develop a relationship, but just when we think that she is falling for him, we realize it’s the other way around. Elektra’s dark past has turned her into a vicious villain who is determined to get her way even if it means killing millions of people. She is one of the most complex Bond girls because she is a love interest and a villain at the same time and even tries to kill Bond knowing that he has feelings for her. Even though it hurts him, Bond fulfills his duty and kills Elektra.

#1 Pussy GaloreGoldfinger

Pussy Galore is the full package when it comes to Bond girls – she is hot, smart and witty. Who can forget her humorous comebacks in dialogues with Bond? She is fully aware of Bond’s charm but she’s having none of it. As the oldest Bond girl at 38, she is mature and determined, and unlike almost all other Bond girls, she is actually the villain. But not even this strong and independent Bond girl can resist Bond’s charm. They share an intimate moment together after which she decides to change her ways. In the end she turns against Goldfinger and helps Bond defeat him. She is definitely one of the most memorable Bond ladies!