Top 5 Female Summer Fragrances

Summer is here and as we girls need to dress for the occasion we also need a perfume that will suit us perfectly during the hot, long days and exciting nights. Everything about summer says fun, and our perfume needs to reflect the season. It needs to be perfect for all the cocktail sipping, beach walking, boy meeting, well, you get the picture.

So let’s find out the top 5 fragrances that are a must-have this summer.

1. Cologne Indelebile by Frederic Malle

This one may be a bit pricey but, believe us, it’s worth it. This fragrance is a true masterpiece created by the top experts in the field who have joined forces to provide the ladies with the very best for the summer of 2015.

It is a delightful combination of lemon, bergamot, neroli, narcissus, orange blossom and musk which makes this scent irresistible.

If any perfume could give you an instant confidence boost, it would be Cologne Indelebile. Don’t be surprised if you turn a few heads, both male and female while wearing it. Not only is this fragrance sophisticated, it is bold and it fits perfectly into any scenario you have planned for the evening.

2. Tudor Rose & Amber by Jo Malone London

If you are ready to be absolutely smitten by a scent and you are a fan of art and history, this will be the perfect fragrance for you. Perfumes from this line have been created with such creativity that they can definitely be called pieces of art.

This lovely scent is a part of the Rock the Ages collection which is inspired by periods in British history. How innovative is that? And Tudor Rose & Amber is our personal choice for the summer. It is the first in the collection and it brings the touch of old times with such ease that you will feel like you were taken back to this romantic period in history.

3. Marc Jacobs Splash Gardenia by Marc Jacobs

If you are a perfume connoisseur, like most girls, you already know that you can’t go wrong with Marc Jacobs. But this incredible fragrance made exclusively for summer is going to take you to another place. You will instantly fall in love with its notes of greens, gardenia and musk, which make this perfume a classic every girl should find a space for in her collection.

What makes this perfume so timeless is the combination of sophisticated and fun – which is, as we said, perfect for summer. When you put it on, you will feel feminine and elegant, but ready to hit any party and have the time of your life.

4. L’Ile au Thé by Annick Goutal

You should only wear this daring perfume if you’re ready to be stopped in the street every five minutes and asked what you’re wearing and where they can get it. We suggest you keep it your own little secret, it will add to the mystery and to your sexiness.

If there was ever such a youthful and playful perfume it must be L’Ile au Thé by Annick Goutal. You will immediately feel five years younger as soon as the perfume touches your skin. The sweet mix of mandarin, green tea, osmanthus and white musk truly sounds impressive but don’t believe us, try it for yourself. A night with the girls will never be the same, but we’re warning you, you might make your friends jealous by all the attention you’ll be getting.

5. Stella by Stella McCartney

If you are a fan of girly scents, you will go crazy for Stella. Just by looking at its cute light-pink bottle, you know what you’re in for. The combination of floral and fruity tones here is surprisingly beautiful and ever so feminine. This perfume will make a perfect addition to any light combination during the day, under the gentle summer breeze. And the sense you get while wearing it will make you so harmonious with nature that you will feel like you are walking on rose petals.

But don’t get us wrong, this perfume is everything if not intense. It was created to make you enjoy the moment and give in to your own sensuality, embrace it and be proud of it.