Top 5 Worst States In the US To Retire In

Retirement is something that we all look forward to especially after putting in millions of hours in back-breaking and head-splitting work. Retirement is the time when you can relax and reap the fruits of your labor. It is the time for you to enjoy travelling, spending quality time with your grandchildren or even getting to know other people whom you might not otherwise get to meet in normal circumstances. But according to some studies, there are certain states in the U.S. which might not be so great for retirees and which don’t offer that relaxing retirement you always desired and deserved.

What to Look For

The major factors that one must consider when retiring are cost of living, level of the health care system, and of course crime and safety concerns. Secondary factors would be the kind of activities that might be available in that area plus the proximity to your other family members. You might have your own personal reasons in choosing a retirement place for yourself and your family, so all of these elements or majority of these elements should be met so that you can enjoy this stage in your life.

Where Can’t You Stay

According to studies, certain states in the U.S. are great for retirees and some are not. You will have to be very careful in choosing the state where you retire if you want to relax and enjoy your retirement. Examples of states that are not great for retirees when it comes to the major considerations are New York, Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana and Oklahoma. If you have considered any of these states, you might want to study them more closely.

Reasons for these States

There are several reasons for suggesting that these five states are not great for retirees. Basically, it boils down to the sustainability of life. These states have been known to have a very high crime rate and very low health care performance. If you are retiring and want to live a fruitful life, health care will be important to you, right? According to studies, Oklahoma and Louisiana rank among highest in crime rate. New York and Alabama on the other hand have very high cost of living that is quite impossible to maintain especially if you just depend on a fixed income.


Ideally, retiring and relaxing should be synonymous with each other. If you retire without being able to relax due to stressful circumstances, that’s not retiring at all. It’s just like leaving one stressful life in exchange for another. It’s fun to live in a big city and be able to have everything near you, but can you sustain that kind of a lifestyle? As already mentioned, careful consideration should be made to maximize all your resources and keep you busy and entertained. If you are about to retire or are already retired, keep an eye out, as there are more options available than those popular choices.