Top 7 Places You Can Visit Virtually with Google Maps

Ever dreamed of visiting some of the world’s most famous places such as the Taj Mahal, the White House or some of the most famous museums? In this economy, you probably don’t have the finances to go and see everything you would want, but that’s why we have Google Maps.

Now, you can visit many of those places virtually and maybe even get the feeling of what it would actually be like if you were there in person. Well, thank you Google, for giving us a glimpse of wealth and adventure and letting us experience the wonders from the comfort of our homes. Here are the top 7 places Google Maps can virtually take you to.

1. Taj Mahal

You probably know Taj Mahal as India’s greatest architectural piece with a 350 year-long history. It became famous for the story behind it (a powerful ruler built it in honor of his late wife), but for its amazing appearance as well. It is truly breathtaking, and even after all these years it remains one of the most beautiful buildings in the entire world. It is sad that not many people can afford to actually visit this wonderful monument, but recently with the emergence and development of Google Maps and Street View, it became possible to virtually visit it using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Google Maps allow you to see the entire Taj Mahal, walk around it (virtually), and maybe even feel as if you were there and exploring. You can literally see all the little details and focus on any corner that catches your attention.

2. The White House

This is one of the things that make us unable not to love the internet and Google. Now, sitting at your desk, you can take a 365 degree tour through the White House, look at all the halls, the details, the paintings… You can have a real White House experience and you don’t have to pay a cent. Another amazing thing about this is that everything was captured with HD cameras, so you can actually zoom in enough to see the tiniest details you maybe wouldn’t even notice if you were there in person. Google Maps have given us the chance to see this monument and American cultural site.

3. The Smithsonian American Art Museum

The Smithsonian American Art Museum (used to be called the National Museum of American Art) which has if not the largest than one of the largest collections of art made in the U.S. since the colonial times to now, is located in Washington, D.C. If you live near by, you’ve probably gone to a field trip with your school or faculty, but if you are not so close you have probably only dreamed about visiting it. Well, now you can stop dreaming, because you can see all of it thanks to Google Maps. You can go through the hall ways, check out the artwork and zoom in so much that you can literally feel as if you have entered the painting (or any other work of art), you can climb the stairs and go to different levels. Some doors are closed and we cannot actually see everything, but that is certainly much more than nothing.

4. Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

This island is very important for birds and turtles and many of them use it as their natural habitat. The island is embellished with a coral beach and pisonia forest. It is so beautiful that everyone would dream about visiting it, staying there at least for a couple of days and enjoying the heavenly peace and beauty. However, each year from September to March this island is closed for visitors because that is the breading season for green sea turtles, and the people of Australia are doing their best to protect these wonderful creatures from human influence. Unless you are able to go from June to September and visit this amazing place, you can visit it virtually with Google Street View. Google did such an amazing job that you can walk over the island, and even go beneath the water. Check it out and enjoy the wonders of this amazing ocean and island, at least on your computer.

5. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean, are one of the greatest destinations for those who like seeing and exploring wildlife. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to many species of plants and animals that only exist here, so visiting this ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’ is really a unique experience. Now you are just a few clicks away from seeing playful sea lions up close, swimming in the deep or sunbathing on one of the beaches. Thanks to Google Street View, you can tour the islands and see the giant tortoise breeding center, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies and much more.

6. Palace of Versailles

This palace today represents an icon of French nobility and art. It is amazing inside and out, and now you can see its wonderfulness for free with Google Street View. You can go from chamber to chamber, see all the pieces the French are so proud of. This palace was built to impress, and that is exactly the kind of reaction it causes in everyone who sees it. On the upper floor, there is a chamber that was the bedroom of Louis XIV, which is definitely something worth seeing, and now you don’t even have to fly and travel to it – you can see it from your own home. Google actually gave us a window to see amazing things without having to make a serious effort. Since 1979 this palace has been an Official UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can see and experience it from the comfort of your favorite chair using your computer.

7. The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest, also familiar as the Amazon Jungle is now also available for visiting with Google Street View and you can literally walk through the largest tropical forest and see its amazingly rich biodiversity. This is one of the most amazing places to go to in the entire world, but not many people dare or get the chance to do it. Now you don’t have to actually walk through it, you can virtually see the desert-like areas, and then walk right to the swamps. You can even zoom in the plants and the paths and see all the different species, types of soil, and density of trees. This is something you definitely shouldn’t miss, now when you have the chance to see it so easily and vividly.