Top Accredited Online Colleges

Accredited online colleges are becoming more and more popular each year. Millions of students in America, but also all over the world are opting for this method of learning and obtaining credit. Even though getting a degree through the system of accredited online colleges is relatively new, more and more colleges offer online courses and students have a vast number of choices. However, it’s important to make sure the courses are accredited regionally or nationally and pick the best option.

1. University of Central Florida

This University became one of the first accredited online colleges in 1996 when this type of learning was still in its experimental phase. Now, students can participate in 16 bachelor and 25 master’s courses. Most of the courses can be fully taken online, however, some internships require the students to participate in person. The app used by the University called Canvas provides students with easy access to materials and classes through Android and iOS devices. University of Central Florida strives to provide only the best quality courses combined with flexibility to their students.

2. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is a perfect choice if you are looking for something affordable and tailored according to your needs. It is 12th among the most affordable accredited online colleges, and it offers as many as 13 bachelor degrees done fully online. The courses are extremely flexible and accessible through their Virtual Commons that allows you to contact the professors, attend the missed lessons through an archive and submit your assignments. Their learning platform called M.U.S.E., meaning My Unique Student Experience, gives you the chance to skip what you already know and focus on gaining new, useful knowledge.

3. Pennsylvania State University

This University that has existed since 1892 has always gone the extra mile to provide their students with only the best quality education. For years, they have made it their mission to help those who are eager to learn but are unable to attend lessons. That’s why Pennsylvania State University has developed more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs. Studying online at Penstate is easy with their ANGEL platform that allows you to communicate with professors and classmates, attend lectures and do your exams. Their aim is to provide the same services for the online students as for those on-campus.

4. George Washington University

When it comes to accredited online colleges, George Washington University has really put a lot of effort into their program so that it doesn’t differ at all from that on-campus. The same professors teach the classes and students are able to customize their courses according to their own needs. Their online platform is there to provide the students with optimal learning conditions where they are able to contact professors, finish assignments and report grades. Considering all the same conditions offered to online students, George Washington University offers the same job prospects with their online degrees.

5. Northern Arizona University

This University definitely gives its students their money’s worth and is one of the most affordable accredited online universities. For $2500 per semester, students can enroll in as many courses as they want and all the necessary materials are waiting for them online. NAU offers as many as 45 bachelor degrees that can be completed online and the fields differ from business, engineering and management to recreation and languages. Their Blackboard Learn platform where you attend and participate in lessons gives you the choice of synchronous and asynchronous lessons to perfectly match your needs.

6. Georgia Southern University

The motto of this accredited online college is “Flexible. Respected. Online.” GSU provides the students with identical programs no matter if they are attending lectures in person or online. You can attend lessons fully online, or combine online and in-class work, whichever suits you best. GSU is one of the most popular universities in the country and has a long tradition of 100 years. It is a university that perfectly understands your needs and your personal life and wants you to pursue your academic success while leading your family and professional life.

7. Granite State College

If there is any college that completely understands the balance between your professional, personal life and education, it’s Granite State College. They offer 29 fully online bachelor degrees with lots of options from Psychology and Marketing to Nursing and Education.  GSC offers extremely flexible possibilities for students. For example, you can attend lessons online only, or combine online and in class work, or you can get intensive courses. Their programs offer adjustable curriculum and learning style methods and all of that for fairly affordable tuition fees. In fact, GSC has been named 10th most affordable accredited online college.