Top Surfing Spots in Australia

Surfing is one of the most popular sports nowadays. It tests your skills in adapting with the changing moods of the ocean. When you get into surfing, one of the things that you would usually research on is the best places to practice. Australia has always been known as a great destination for serious surfers. But not only serious surfers are welcome in this continent but also those who are just starting to learn the basics. Look around and you will find a place that will suit your needs and expertise.

Noosa, Queensland

This is quite popular for both experienced surfers and novices. You can always find a lot of people in this place who are willing to share a tip or two about surfing. Thanks to its beautiful beaches and bays, this is also the place where the famous Noosa Surfing Festival is held. When taking a breather from surfing you can have a new experience in the Noosa National Park, where you can see koalas in their natural habitat.

Angourie Point, New South Wales

Thanks to Nat Young, this is one of the most famous surfing places in this part of Australia. This place is also used in filming surfing themed movies. If you enjoy surfing and communing with hippie groups, this place is the one for you. Although, because of its winds and many underwater rocks in the area, this is not a good option for novices.

Bell’s Beach, Victoria

Surfers were coming to Bell’s Beach as early as from the 1940s. This is where the world famous surfing competition, the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival, is always held. The waves can rise up to five meters high, so newbies and starters are advised to sit back, enjoy the show and keep your eyes open for some spectacular surfing moves instead.

Crescent Head, New South Wales

The coastline of this area is about twenty-five kilometers long and along that coast, you can choose the best spot that fits your surfing needs at the moment. At Crescent Head, both beginners and experts in surfing will get to enjoy the ride. Even though the locals live largely off tourism and fishing, this location isn’t really crawling with tourists, so we recommend it if you don’t enjoy big crowds.

Margaret River, Western Australia

Another destination for surfers and those who want to learn to surf. There are several minor surfing competitions that are held in the area. And, for those in the know, Margaret River is not just famous for its surfing spots but also for its world renowned wines. Now who could resist surfing during the day time and partying with great wine in the evening, right?

Snapper Rocks, Queensland

This place is quite known for its man-made “Super Bank” surf break. People who travel around to find the finest beaches to surf have come to know this place due to its long and very consistent waves. Although it happens rarely, at Snapper Rocks you can find the surfers Holy Grail, a perfect wave which will let you travel about two kilometers in distance.

Phillip Island, Victoria

This is also considered a great place to surf because of the consistent wave conditions. However, if you don’t like crowded places (like many surfers don’t) then this is not the place for you – Philip Island is visited by 3.5 million tourists annually. Additionally, surfers and tourists alike can take a break and enjoy the Penguin Parade at Phillip Island Nature Park, where penguins come ashore and strut around adorably.

Whatever part of Australia you may be, there’s always a surfing ground that you can easily fall in love with. Couple that with other activities that you can enjoy and you will get one great surfing experience, right? Just remember, when you go out and travel to these surfing hotspots, prepare yourself to be surprised and overwhelmed with the enthusiasm that both Australians and tourists have for surfing. Keep in mind as well that surfing entails care for the environment and respect for nature in order for you to have the utmost fun.