Train Your Brain to Want Healthier Food with These Easy Tricks

the grain sprouted wheat closeup healthy food ** Note: Shallow depth of field

They say that, quitting smoking, exercising and dieting are harder to do than learning a new skill. But experts beg to disagree on this point. According to studies, it’s quite easy to teach and train our brains to choose healthier foods. Results show that it’s all in the mind. What we only need is the drive to achieve our goal and the discipline to stick to the work plan to make it successful. Many have tried but few have been successful in keeping with the healthy choices in food, don’t you think it’s about time that you join the few successful people?

Slowly Introduce Healthy Choices In Your Diet

Do not surprise your body by suddenly removing the foods that you’ve been eating your whole life. Do it slowly and in phases. In this way, the addicting taste of unhealthy foods is gradually forgotten and replaced by healthier choices. Try to do it by removing one or two of those unhealthy options and replace it with something equally tasty but healthy. Do this for a week or two until your body gets used to it.

Be Creative

Healthy food options need not be boring or bland. Be creative and make your food colorful. Mix and match, try to make it more exciting and enticing for yourself and even for your family.  Make use of the numerous spices available to give you a different taste experience. In time, your brain will automatically choose the healthier type of food because you’ve weaned yourself from the usual taste of foods that you’ve been eating.

Avoid Situations Where You Expose Yourself to Bad Food Choices

Going to parties or other gatherings also expose you to many unhealthy eating options. If you must attend a gathering and you know there’ll be many temptations, try to pack some snacks for yourself or even eat in advance. In this way, you will not go hungry and at the same time, not be tempted to take a bite out of the deliciously cooked, fat-laden foods available.

Reward Yourself

After some time of diligently training your brain to choose healthy foods alone, make sure that you reward yourself with something that you’ve always wanted. It could be a spa treatment, a vacation or even the dress that you’ve been looking at the mall. This signals your brain that keeping to your goal is worth it. It gives you a feeling of achievement that will motivate you to do more.


They say that eating is a way of life, it’s most certainly true. Our life is a reflection of our food choices. Unhealthy food choices can start at a young age and it gets harder to change that as we grow older. So it’s better to start to choose eating healthier foods than go through the difficulty diet re-training. It is indeed difficult but once you get used to it, you only have yourself to thank for being healthy and fit.