Traveling Abroad? These 7 Must-Know Facts Will Stop Your Trip from Turning into a Disaster

Travelling abroad is one of the greatest adventures you will have in your lifetime, more so if you are going to an exotic place like South Africa. But before you jump into a plane to your destination, take some time to read these tips so that you will enjoy and make lasting good memories during your trip.

1. Have a Valid Passport

This may be a no-brainer but it happens to be one of the most common problems when going abroad. Some countries require you to have a passport that is valid at least six months of your departure date.

2. Visa Requirements

There are a lot of countries that require you to have a visa that will allow you to enter their country for a certain period of time.  You must apply for this well before your trip to avoid delays.

3. Fees

Prepare to pay fees that suddenly crops up. These fees start at the airport of origin until your destination. Have your credit card ready for these occasions to avoid the hassle.

4. Return Tickets

Some countries will not allow you entry if you cannot present a return ticket. This ensures the host country that you do not have any plans of overstaying.

5. Take Note of Dates and Times

Dates are very important when travelling. It helps you not to miss flights and connecting flights if any. Remember to consider the time changes if you are crossing the dateline. It can be confusing but you can always ask your airline to explain these things to you clearly. You wouldn’t want to miss your flight or have your friend waiting for you at the airport for many hours, wouldn’t you?

6. Time Management

Make use of your time wisely. If it’s your first time to visit the country, the natural urge would be to cram as many places to visit as possible. You can do this but plan your itinerary carefully to save you a lot of time. Give yourself ample time to appreciate the beautiful places that you came to visit.

7. Accommodation Arrangements

People sometimes prefer to look for their own hotels or guest houses when they get to their destination, which is a great way to save money. However, after being in the plane for hours, you would want to immediately have a place to rest and freshen up. It might be better if you book a cheap and decent hotel for a night and then once you are well rested, you can hunt for cheaper places to stay in for the duration of your stay.


Your travel experiences depend greatly on how you prepare for it. The bottom line is to do your homework and research carefully on the country of your choice. Check online for visa and passport requirements. Double-check with your airline or travel agent on the dates. Careful planning and preparation will give you a relaxing and hassle free vacation that you’ve always dreamed of.