Traveling Rich: Places to Visit When Money’s Not an Issue

When we go on vacations, we usually look for budget countries and cities where we can extend the power of our money. But if we are to talk about our dream destination without worrying of the expense, here are some of the places you might want to consider.

London, England

Going to London is part of everybody’s travel destination but just a night at a hotel in this place can already cost you about $180 a night, not to mention additional expenses like food and transportation.

Paris, France

This is a newlywed’s dream honeymoon destination. There numerous attractions that can be visited and done in this romantic city but take note that a day can cost two people about $600, including cheap food and free site seeing.

New York City, USA

Home of the Empire State Building, which has been featured in a lot of romantic comedies, this city can set you back at $600 a night. That may include a cab ride and a drink or two at a bar of your choice.

Tokyo, Japan

This city has been consistently in the top spot of expensive cities for years. Although expensive, it hasn’t stopped tourists from enjoying the sights and food that Tokyo has to offer.

Sydney, Australia

Some say that visiting Sydney, Australia is more expensive than going to New York. This is quite true because of the steady rise in value of the Australian dollar. But don’t feel bad, a visit to this place will be definitely worth every money you spend.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a city whose wealth is based on oil. That being said, it’s not a surprise that it’s also considered one of the most expensive cities to visit. This city may be small but when you do visit it, your wallet must be big enough to spend a few days in it.

Italy, Rome

This is a place where the old world and modern conveniences collide. Visiting this city could only mean one thing — expensive.

Zurich, Switzerland

Nobody can deny that skiing and staying in a hotel up in the Alps can be quite expensive. But even if you opt to stay in town, away from the skiing part, it can still make your wallet cry at around $500 a day.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen boasts of restaurants that can make your belly extremely happy but your pockets empty. That goes without saying that accommodations are also very expensive.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has never been affected by recession in Europe. Its economy has remained strong and true, which is the reason why it has been included in the most expensive places to visit.

Travelling may be expensive and tiring but the culture and sights that we get to experience will never be forgotten or can never be equal to the money that we spend on it.  Even if these places are expensive, we can always try to find ways to make it cheaper and more affordable.