Tricks & Tips on Dealing with Puffy Eyes

We are conscious of the way we look everyday and that’s why we take good care of ourselves in terms of physical and hygienic appearance. Before even going out on a date or just simply taking a walk to the mall or a park, we make sure we are well groomed. The face is the first thing people see – it is our most important non-verbal communication tool – so we’re particularly conscious about our facial characteristics.

One big problem that is rampant nowadays is when we have puffy eyes. Dark circles begin to appear and become visible when we don’t get enough sleep, namely, puffy eyes occur when our eyes swell due to excessive fluid in our skin tissue – making us go through the agony of trying to conceal the fact that we look like a raccoon.

But cheer up – here are some tips on dealing with those annoying puffy eyes.

1. Don’t overstress yourself.

Stressing yourself can cause anxiety that will make you feel very uneasy. You overthink about everything, even the smallest things that would trigger our nervous system making ourselves prone to stress. Give yourself a rest. Calm down and be relaxed. Try to have some time for yourself.  Get some exercise going or maybe some spa to make you feel lighter.

2. Drink lots of water.

We exert much effort everyday due to the things we do. Our body needs to be rehydrated to keep on going. Avoid liquids that would make you dehydrated, such as alcohol or carbonated drinks. Always count on water therapy; a healthy yet cost-friendly solution. Drink lots of water for you to cleanse your body, at least 8 glasses a day.

3. Wash your face regularly.

Allergies can cause puffiness because of irritation. Washing your face would clean the dirty spots around your face preventing germs and bacteria to accumulate. Try using a normal soap when cleaning your face to prevent certain bacteria that would cause serious eye irritation.

4. Apply cold compress.

Using cold cucumber is the most popular thing to do if you have puffy eyes. Putting cold compress can soothe your eyes making them fresh and healthy. Remember that it is the coldness that does the trick. Try lying down for about 10-15 minutes while putting some cold cucumber (or potato slices) to reduce those puffy eyes. It would constrain the flow of liquid flowing in your eyelids.

5. Get the right amount of sleep.

Getting an ample amount of sleep will rejuvenate your eyes and it will make them feel much lighter. However, the interesting thing here is that those who sleep past their bedtime usually end up having bags underneath their eyes. Actually, puffy eyes are the most common problem we face everyday because we sleep late, even though it makes us look like as if we haven’t slept for a very long time.

The trick here is getting the right amount of sleep to feel and look fresh.

6. Exercise daily.

Regular exercising enhances the circulation of blood, which in return helps your body move fluids more efficiently. How does that help with puffy eyes, you ask? Well, with regular exercising there is no build up of fluids underneath your eyes, hence no puffy eyes! Always set aside some time for a short workout, it will make you look and feel healthier.

7. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Rubbing your eyes will cause them to swell. Furthermore, that irritation can cause allergies that would allow them to swell even more. So, avoid rubbing them and instead just go to the bathroom and simply wash your eyes with running water and gently wipe them using a clean face towel. Always remember that good hygiene prevents many conditions (including puffy eyes).