Ultimate Guide to Prepping Your House for Spring

Winter is officially over and the sun and flowers are slowly making their way to your days. Spring commonly indicates it’s time for cleaning! While spring cleaning is the most common activity for the season, there are other activities you need to do other than de-clutter your home. Aside from your annual chore, here is an ultimate guide to prepping your house for spring! Make your house as fresh as those bloomed flowers in your garden.

Make a list of necessary repairs

Before you actually take out all your clothes, boxes and things, make sure your house is in top shape. Homeowners also tend to do some home improvements during the summer but it is best to start the season by checking for any necessary repairs. Winter is a season that can take a toll to your house, so spring is the best time to address these repairs. Imagine discovering a leak just when the May showers arrive rather than checking for leaks right after winter. It all starts with creating a list.

Clean out the pantry and kitchen cabinets

We tend to hibernate during winter and stock our pantries with enough supply to stay indoors the whole time. While some of those goods may last over spring, it is still best to check your pantry and kitchen cabinets. Take out all those expired goods. Clean your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator inside and out. Do not wait until it is time once again to stock up on food for the holidays.

Check out your gutters

The tough conditions of winter can definitely damage your gutters. This means checking your gutter for any leaks and debris. Remove leaves and debris that may have accumulated over the past seasons. Test the gutter for leaks by running a hose. Make necessary repairs before spring showers come.

Prune away dead and damaged branches     

Your trees and shrubs are usually damaged by the cold and snow so pruning is important once spring comes. Pruning will enable live stems that will later produce buds. You can use a handsaw for any branch or plant with a diameter larger then ½ inch. Cut out any stems that are too close to home. Plants that are too close to your home can bring bugs in, if you’re not careful. Remove any branches that can fall accidently or damage your windows when blown.

Clean up around plants

During fall and winter, leaves have fallen from your plants. Make sure you rake out all those fallen leaves and even dead foliage to avoid spreading disease in your garden. The beginning of spring is the best time to spread fertilizer to your flower beds before spring showers start nurturing them. You can also turn your fallen leaves into compost yard waste.

Repair and clean screens and windows

Check your windows and screens if they need repairs or replacements. You can let in the breeze if your screens are cleaned and repaired. Check if your mesh needs replacing or if your window hinges need oil. Bees and other insects also come out during spring so make sure there are no big holes in your screens. Nobody wants an unexpected visitor during spring. 

Check your air conditioner 

Spring is the time to switch from your furnace to your air conditioner. But before you crank up your air conditioner, make sure you’ve checked its filter and had it cleaned. A dirty filter can decrease your air conditioner’s performance while increasing your energy bill. It is recommended you change your filter every month.

Since you will now be using it more frequently, have a professional ensure it’s in its best shape. 

Seal water out of your roof and basement

Water can enter your house either through the roof or through your basement. Keep your basement dry by sealing all your walls with waterproof masonry paints. Check if your basement drainage system is working properly. Check your roof for any damage caused during winter. You don’t have to replace your whole roof, just seal those leaks, should you find any. Water can lead to molds or cracks if stagnant for so long.

Spring is a wonderful season! The air is fresh, the flowers are in bloom, and your house gets cleaned. But before you star singing happy songs, make sure you have your house ready for the season! Nobody wants to spend their spring fixing unexpected home emergencies.