Want Fresh Eggs, but Chicken Out of Commitment? Try Renting a Chicken!

Renting chickens has been around for years, but only recently has it become a popular trend. The idea is to rent egg-laying hens for a while and have fresh organic eggs. You get to raise your own food, but don’t need to worry about the animals during the winter months. More and more people are opting for this simple solution and there are numerous companies that provide them with high-quality hens.

Why would you want to do this? Well, for one thing, you will have all the benefits of having a chicken but you will evade the commitment. During the winter months, most hens don’t lay eggs. So instead of getting food, you would have to go through trouble of feeding the animals, keeping them warm and probably regretting ever getting them. But this way, you can rent a chicken during the spring and summer and get your eggs with very little work. Since the rented hens are able to lay eggs about two days after they arrive, you skip the trouble of raising small chickens and go straight to the adult egg-laying hens. Moreover, you would know what you’re feeding your hens so you would know that your eggs are 100% organic.

Also, chickens can be the coolest pets. Lots of people who decide to rent fall in love with these quirky animals and decide to keep them. You could find out that this is a perfect hobby for you, and a hobby that pays off in food.

The business has spread fast and now there are millions of possibilities. You can choose which kind of chickens you want, how many of them, for how long, and the price range can vary. You don’t have to worry about anything since you usually receive your 2 hens with a coop. And some companies even provide specially designed coops and hens that lay blue or green eggs. Along with that, you get all the food supplies and instructions on how to raise your hens. Companies realize that many people are intimidated by taking animals into their backyard just like that, especially if they are doing it for the first time. That’s why they have different breeds, and their hens are usually tame and docile. Should you realize you love raising chickens and want to keep them, you can also adopt them with all the supplies (for a fee of course). If you don’t want to keep them after the rental period ends, the company will take the animals back and arrange to bring them back to you next season. If you still want them, of course.

As far as pricing is concerned, there is a vast number of packages you can choose from and different companies offer different packages. But basically, a month will cost you between $150 and $180 while the whole season is around $250-$400. However, there are other costs such as deposits, delivery and adoption fee, so you really have to be careful and well informed if you decide to rent. Have in mind that some companies have free delivery in certain areas. Standard packages usually include 2 egg-laying hens, a chicken coop, food, food dishes, water dishes, a guide for taking care of hens and delivery, setup and pick-up of the rented contents. But you can choose deluxe packages as well, which offer more hens and more food. Some companies even offer tagging the chickens for a small fee so you can get the same ones the following season. You can also get a discount, usually by referring a friend. The more friends you refer, the bigger the discount.

But you must book your hens on time. This has become such a hit that companies are usually booked months in advance, so there are even waiting lists.

The reactions to renting hens have been nothing but positive. People are amazed by how easy and rewarding it is to raise chickens. Not only is it very practical, but, as many of them say, it’s also a learning experience for them and their children. Families grow attached to their animals and usually consider them as pets. Their other pets quickly get used to them, and get along just fine. All of the people who decided to try this, claim it was a wonderful and unique experience and are definitely doing it again the following season.

So, why not try out renting, and who knows maybe you go coo-coo crazy for chickens.