What to Wear for a Glamorous New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is getting closer and closer. There are many preparations for the night –inviting friends, making dinner or club reservations, decorating the apartment, and the most important thing – buying the perfect dress. For those of you who haven’t bought or even picked out a dress yet, have a look at our fashion suggestions inspired by the always trendy glitter.

  • Think about body shape

Of course, you should pick out a dress according to your body shape so that you could emphasize your best features. If you have no bold curves, pick an A line dress to accentuate the waist. If you have an hourglass figure, you should pick out a tight dress to accentuate the curves and the waist. On the other hand, if you are pear-shaped, make sure you get a dress that has more structure in the upper part or a dress with sleeves to even out the proportions. A corset dress is a better choice for less busty girls, and a short dress is better suited for those with long legs. Those of you who have tummies can easily hide them with a peplum dress in darker shades. Pay special attention to the color of the dress according to the skin color. The rules are simple – the darker the skin color, the lighter or the brighter the dress. And vice versa. Girls with light skin color should pick a darker dress to make a contrast.

  • Listen to your instincts

If you like golden and nude tones, a dress with large golden plates should do the trick. Accessorize wisely, with golden stilettos or pumps, or over-the-knee boots for full effect, a clutch and a short fur coat for the glamorous look.

If you are a more classic type, a simple A line dress with discrete sequins in ombré style or a little black dress make a great start. Combined with a well tailored jacket, stilettos and an elegant purse, complete with discrete makeup to top it all is an ideal combination.

However, if you prefer pants over skirts, an elegant jumpsuit is a perfect solution. You should pick out one that will show off your figure perfectly, and for a glamorous effect, best choose one in black. This represents a perfect canvas for your accessorizing skills. By adding a belt which will accentuate your waist, some interesting big earrings, a clutch and shoes to match it all, you will shine like the star of the night you are. To complete the look, add an animal print topcoat and you are ready to enter the New Year glamorously.

Lastly, if romantic is the word describing you, pick a simple-cut dress of light pastel colors which are best paired with effective high-heel shoes or pumps. Add earrings, because with this kind of dress, a necklace is not necessary. Choose a romantic and elegant purse, and finish the look with a pastel colored fur coat.

There are many more options that you can combine yourself; these are just suggestions on how to look ravishing and glamorous. One last advice is – don’t buy a dress that you can’t afford, because you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the evening properly, put on that winning smile and remember, inner shine is always brighter than the outer one. We wish you a great and fun New Year’s Eve party, and a Happy New Year!