When to Call for a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve had a car accident and nobody was hurt, there is probably no need to call a car accident lawyer. However, if you or someone who was with you in the car was injured in the accident, particularly if the injures are permanent or they caused inability to go to school or work for a significant amount of time, you should in that case contact a car accident lawyer and talk about representing you in a claim against the person who should be held responsible for the complications that the accident brought into your life.

In case the car accident was only a fender bender and nobody was hurt, your insurance company can handle the issue without getting lawyers involved. Every car accident is different, and even if nobody was injured, sometimes it would still be better to call a lawyer instead of ignoring the potential problem.

For instance, if fault can’t be determined in a simple way, it would be best to seek advice of an attorney. Finding a good car accident lawyer is pretty easy as many of them are listed. They also usually give initial consultations free of charge, so you won’t have to pay anything and you don’t have to hire a person you don’t trust.  If you don’t know what your rights are after the accident, you should also talk to a lawyer and get more informed. A lawyer can also help you understand the terms of your policy better, as well as take a look at forms and paperwork, so everything goes by the book and you’re taking care of your best interest. These are some less serious things that should incline you to visit a car accident lawyer and make your life a little easier. On the other hand, there are some situations which are far more serious and it is necessary that you hire a car accident lawyer in those cases.

Namely, if the accident caused a problem that can increase the value of your claim, but you aren’t sure how to prove your loss (for example, the accident has caused an inability to continue taking care of your parents or children), hiring an attorney should be the first thing you do. The same applies if you have turned in a claim and the insurance company denied it and don’t have the attention to reconsider it (and you believe you’re right). But the most alarming situation that requires attention of a car accident lawyer is if you were greatly injured in the accident, and you had to pay lots of money for your medical bills, or someone was killed. You cannot be reimbursed for someone’s death, but you can bring the one whose fault it is to justice. Moreover, if your injuries are not so serious, but you have temporary disability and your treatment will require you to pay significant amounts of money, you should not just accept the situation as is, but ask for professional help and be reimbursed for all the financial expenses you had due to the accident.

These examples apply to persons who suffered consequences of the accidents. However, if the accident was your fault and nobody in your car was hurt, but people in the other car were injured, you should also hire a car accident lawyer, because you’ll probably be sued and you’ll need someone to represent you. Also, if the accident happened and it can’t be determined whose fault it is, you should consider hiring a professional to settle the differences, as each side will claim their innocence and ask for the right to claim reimbursement for all the damages.

If you are confused about what you should do after a car accident in which someone got injured permanently or temporarily, and don’t know what’s the right next move, the safest choice would be to hire a car accident lawyer who would make sure your best interest is looked after.