Why BUTTER is BETTER for your health

Butter is one of the ingredients that we can basically put into any dish and it will only make the dish taste better. It has so many uses too, not just for cooking. It is often an important ingredient in baking. It is also a great addition to so many things, like bread and even coffee.

Butter is so delicious but a lot of people tend to avoid it or at least try to use as little of it as possible because it is almost entirely made of saturated fat. People who want to lose weight and people who are actively avoiding heart diseases and the like tend to so no to butter like it is the devil.

As an alternative to butter, people mostly use margarine. Margarine has been said to be a better and healthier choice. But what really is the truth about margarine?

The Better Alternative? Not Really.

Margarine has trans-fatty acids. This is not good because it heightens the bad cholesterol in our bodies. It also decreases the amount of the good cholesterols. This then eventually ends up in the very heart diseases that we try to avoid by not using butter.

This is the same for vegetable oils and vegetable shortenings. They, along with margarine, are made by going through hydrogenation. Basically what this means is that hydrogen is forced to unsaturated fat. The hydrogen is put under pressure for this to happen. The end result is hardened fat.

Through this process, with the minerals and chemicals that are used, the end products end up being more unhealthy and harmful than good old butter. A lot more chemicals are added to make the margarine look edible and appealing. Margarine needs to be processed for the color to change and for the smell to be fit for someone to add to their food.

Most people don’t know about this. We go about our daily lives, trying to avoid butter as much as we can because it can cause heart diseases, using margarine as an alternative. But we don’t realize that margarine has been through so many chemical processes that it ends up as the thing we should actually avoid.

How is Butter Better?

The best form of butter is the of course when it is in its organic and raw state, although this is not really to come by because of commercialization and preservation. Whenever you come across organic butter, seize the opportunity and buy some. Buy a lot, actually.

Butter has a lot of vitamins and minerals that are only helpful to our health. It has Vitamin A, which aids our health in a lot of ways. It also has minerals such as selenium. This is a natural antioxidant. Butter has the advantage of having a balance of mono-unsaturated as well as saturated fat. This is why it is so stable when used as an ingredient for dishes. Cooking butter in high temperatures does not affect this balance as the fats won’t break down.

The fact that butter has cholesterol makes everyone cringe. It is so easy to believe that something so good is bad for us, because that really is how most things are in life. But more research about cholesterol in relation to weight loss and heart diseases would actually show that butter is not bad at all.

It actually gives the body less cholesterol than low fat milk. Can you believe that? We go out of our way to buy low fat milk because it is, supposedly, better for our health. And we go out of our way to avoid butter because it is supposedly harmful for us. But in reality, all the low fat milk in the world helps us less than butter can.

There are so many other notions about butter that have been exaggerated through time, if not entirely wrong. A lot of people think that leaving butter out on the table or on the counter would spoil the butter, so they put in the fridge and would have to battle with it when spreading it on bread or something the next morning. This is actually not true.

Butter does not spoil even if you leave it out of the fridge for days. This is because of the fat that butter contains. It does not become rancid and or spoiled at all. It is, of course, not ideal to do this if the temperature where you leave it is so high, because then if would melt to its liquid form. What we want as a soft and creamy state. Not liquid, but not hard to spread as well.

Top Benefits Of Butter

Butter has so many benefits for the health that it really is even a wonder why it has been deemed as a harmful ingredient. It can help young people and elderly people avoid diseases in the intestine. It also has some acids that help the brain function properly. Butter helps in developing the brains of younger people as well as they are in their formative years.

It has also been said that butter help in fertility. It also has iodine, which we all know has tons of benefits. Your body can also absorb more of the helpful minerals because of butter. Because butter is has the components to not end up stiff, it helps our organs avoid hardening too.

If you want to avoid getting tumors as well as cancer, butter can help you. And with a lot of Vitamin D, E and K in butter, it gives you all the benefits that these vitamins can provide all at once. Butter can also help in preventing tooth decay. No one likes the toothaches that tooth decay causes.

With all of these benefits, butter is just clearly the better choice than margarine, especially when it is in its organic form. A lot of famous chefs actually use butter in all of their recipes, not just because of the flavor that it adds, but also because of these benefits. You can always have a bit of butter in your breakfast bread consumption and even add some in your coffee. With just these small amounts daily, you get to enjoy it’s rich flavor as well as all of its benefits