Why Everybody Is Flocking to Japan This Summer

Japan is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. Its unique blend of traditional and contemporary attracts all kinds of travelers. Tourists can be deeply immersed in Japan’s history and tradition, and then move on to experience Japan’s major advancements in technology. While visitors flock to the Land of the Rising Sun during cherry blossom season, tourism is now increasing during summer.

Here are the four top reasons why everybody is flocking to Japan this summer:

1. Fireworks 

The skies of Japan light up during summer season with firework displays. Fireworks have been part of Japan’s history for a long period of time already. It was originally used to ward off evil spirits, but now hundreds of fireworks shows happen between July and August. In fact, you will see more fireworks here during summer than at New Year’s Eve.

One of the oldest and most famous firework displays in Japan is the Sumida River Fireworks Display in Tokyo during the last Saturday of July. Fireworks are launched along the Sumida River between Asakusa and Ryogoku. This event can be traced back to 1733 and continues to attract hundreds of people every year. During the event, visitors can also see thousands of people dressed in yukata (a light cotton kimono) and the streets filled with food vendors and game stalls.

Another great display is the Miyajima Fireworks launched from boats off the north shores of Miyajima Island in mid-August. Around 5,000 fireworks are launched illuminating Itsukushima Shrine’s giant torii gate. The scene is considered a photographer’s favorite.

2. Festivals 

Summer is also the time when the biggest and best festivals, also known as matsuri, are held all over Japan.

Experiencing a Japanese festival allows you to experience traditional Japanese attire and customs. The weather during July and August lets visitors enjoy the outdoor festivals day and night. One of the most famous festivals in Japan is the Awa Odori Matsuri at Tokushima on Shikoku Island. It is also considered as the largest dance festival in Japan. This festival is part of the Obon rites to welcome spirits of the dead.

Another festival to experience would be the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri. Here you will see giant illuminated and decorated floats that travel through Aomori city. Then there is Tenjin Matsuri considered as one of the greatest boat festivals in the world and the most famous festival in Osaka. For two days, a procession of around 100 boats set out along the Okawa River. Visitors get to enjoy yakisoba, taiyaki, candies, and takoyaki while playing games at the festivals.

3. Beer Gardens 

To beat the summer heat, Japanese restaurants and hotels open their roofs to serve beer. These attractions, known as “beer gardens”, serve a variety of cold beer and good food while enjoying the season. Imagine drinking a glass of cold beer during the hot and humid summertime while enjoying the view.

One beer garden you must check out is the Forest Beer Garden located inside Meiji Shrine’s Outer Gardens. Guests get to enjoy a bubbling waterfall and tree lines while opting for the popular all-you-can-eat-and-drink featuring three kinds of draft beer and barbecued meat.

For a more upscale experience, Shinjuku Hilton opens its terrace on the 7th floor with a promo of 90 minutes of free-flowing booze and a set food selection. You cannot deny that Japan has an intensive collection of beers.

4. Waterparks
Japan offers a lot of waterparks for the minors who cannot cool off at beer gardens or just about anyone wanting to keep their cool.

Head over to Tokyo Summerland, a waterpark plus amusement park that covers a vast 100 acres. Visitors can enjoy Tokyo’s longest lazy river at Summerland. Just float around for over 2,132 winding feet.

Spa LaQua sits beside one of Tokyo’s biggest amusement parks, Tokyo Dome City. This is the perfect destination to soothe a tired body with a multitude of therapeutic hot baths and saunas. LaQua guarantees a truly relaxing experience.

There are plenty of activities and attractions to see in Japan throughout the year but summer has its own charm that brings millions of visitors every single day. Do not hesitate to book that ticket!