Why Vietnam Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

When thinking about places to visit next, Vietnam has not likely been on your ‘must see places’ list. But Vietnam indeed is a place you will not be sorry to visit if you decide to do so. It’s a destination that you would want to add to your travel bucket list and here is why:

  • The landscapes will take your breath away

There are not many tales about the wonders of Vietnam, and only those who visited know how great it really is for its landscapes and nature. Even though not too famous for its beauty, Vietnam has amazing sites that have been awarded the title of a World Heritage Site, including Halong Bay, Cham Islands, Phong Nha Ke Bang caves and Hoi An Ancient Street. All of these sites stand out for their stunning beauty. However, it’s not just these sites that will take your breath away – there are so many more places in this country that should not be missed. For example, a city in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, Da Lat, is the place you should definitely check out when in Vietnam. This single city has more beautiful places and is more colorful and versatile than most countries in the world have ever been. Furthermore, Vietnam has a trace of European culture portrayed in the French style villas surrounded by pines and strawberries. Another place to visit in Vietnam that will make you want to come back or even stay is Keo pagoda in the Thai Binh province where you will be able to enjoy in the tranquility, feel spirituality and enjoy the scenery of the amazing green fields and country farms. When it comes to nature and landscapes, almost any part of Vietnam will be a good place to travel to – wherever you may go, you will be amazed.

  • It will give you a unique experience

Wherever you go in Vietnam, you will have an experience you will not easily forget. Whether you are going sight seeing, exploring the caves or having a laugh looking at pigs on mopeds going through streets, or doing something more peaceful like visiting a cemetery of war victims, you will feel and see things that you cannot see anywhere else in the world and they will make a strong impression on you – you will surely not be disappointed.

  • You will feel welcome wherever you go

Vietnamese people are very welcoming, pleasant and hospitable. Wherever you go you will be welcomed with a smile and everyone will be glad to help you, whether you speak their language or not.  The level of hospitality and kindness you will encounter there will amaze you. Around the country, people differ in the way they carry themselves (e.g. in Hue, people are elegant, in Hoi An – extremely honest, etc.) but in general, there isn’t a place in Vietnam where you will be treated in a rude or unwelcoming manner.

The people also like to socialize with tourists, and tell you the stories of their history and lives, so you will have a chance to hear first hand testimonies of how it’s like growing up and living in Vietnam. Even though welcoming and warm when it comes to interpersonal relationships, when it comes to trade and business, the Vietnamese are very straightforward and resilient, and they strictly separate friendship from business, so don’t expect a discount or free food just because you had a nice time together.

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