Workplace Habits that Are Holding You Back 

In most cases, we are our own worst enemies. By holding on to some pretty bad habits at work we are seriously damaging our careers and holding ourselves back. But the fact is, you’re not the only one having those workplace habits that don’t benefit you at all. We all have some of them – but the important thing is realizing we have them and changing for the better.

1. Overworking yourself

Are you one of those people that’s first to arrive at the office and last to leave? Do you forget to take a lunch break because you just can’t leave work at that crucial moment? Do you sacrifice precious team bonding time in the common work because that project you’re working on is much more important than everyone else’s work?

And let’s not forget that work from home and swinging by the office during the weekend. You may think this is helping you but you’re on a great way to burnout town. There’s only so long that a person can handle doing that much work and you will end up exhausted and frustrated while probably ruining a relationship or two with your co-workers and your family and friends. So if you’ve recognized your behavior here, it’s time to hit the break right now.

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