Worst Celebrity Boyfriends and Husbands

Celebrities can’t hide their relationships from the eyes of the public. And while there are some truly exceptional examples of fairytale marriages in Hollywood, there are also those that make us cringe. It’s a widely known fact that girls like bad boys, but some men have definitely gone overboard. These celebrity guys did some unforgivable things to their girlfriends and wives and deserve the status of the worst boyfriends and husbands in Hollywood.

1. Dean McDermott

This actor with average looks and less than promising career hit a jackpot when he married the beautiful actress and a rich Hollywood heiress Tori Spelling. Nobody could quite understand what she saw in him but the two turned out to be a great couple and even had four children. Until Mcdermott decided this family life wasn’t enough for him and cheated on Tori with multiple women. Best of all – Tori obviously loves him so much that she decided to forgive him and the two are still together.

2. Jesse James

Our next celebrity is a real low-life. We couldn’t even believe he scored America’s sweetheart actress Sandra Bullock in the first place. And once he did, we couldn’t believe he would shamelessly cheat on her. Not only was poor Sandy left alone and betrayed, she had to listen to her ex trash her in the media saying that she was actually boring in bed. Then he got involved with a Hollywood tattoo artist Kat von D whom he cheated on with no less than 19 women. Quite a specimen, don’t you think?

3. Charlie Sheen

The ultimate Hollywood bad boy, or should we say bad guy, has quite a resume when it comes to women. The first woman that said “yes” to him ended up accidentally shot in the arm by him. His first wife Denise Richards filed for a divorce after three years of marriage accusing him of drug and alcohol problems and even being violent towards her. And let’s just say that his two sons from his second marriage were taken from him by the police after his ex-wife obtained a restraining order.

4. Tiger Woods

Once, he was a respectable golfer and the richest athlete in the world. But he decided to let his “sex addiction” ruin his reputation for good. For a while, he was happily married to Elin Nordegren, a Swedish nanny but then the truth caught up with him when multiple women came out in the press claiming to have had affairs with the famous golfer. The guy even checked himself into rehab for sex addiction but Elin still divorced him later that year. At least she got a ton of money to compensate for her emotional pain.

5. Sean Penn

Aggressive and violent, this man is a nightmare of a husband. In 1985 he married the Queen of pop, Madonna, but he couldn’t hide his monstrous behavior. At first, his rage was only focused on the press who wouldn’t leave the couple alone, but then he started posing a threat to his wife as well. On one occasion, he tied Madonna to a chair and beat her for nine hours straight until she managed to escape to a police station. It’s a real miracle how Penn managed to score some other stunning Hollywood ladies like Robin Wright, Scarlett Johansson and Charlize Theron.

6. Chris Brown

Probably the most famous case of a horrible boyfriend is Chris Brown. This troublesome singer was in a relationship with gorgeous songstress Rihanna in 2009 when the news broke that he physically assaulted her. The world was shocked by the photograph of Rihanna’s battered face and suddenly everybody started hating Chris. In 2011, after a break up with model Karrueche Tran, he showed his ugly side again when he started stalking her and threatening her. Brown is obviously one seriously deranged and insecure person, not to mention jealous and possessive. Ladies, stay away.

7. Russell Brand

The quirky British comedian should have felt like he won the lottery when he seduced the popular singer Katy Perry. And in fact the couple married after only a few months of dating, but the marriage didn’t last long either. After 14 months, Brand texted Perry telling her that he wants a divorce. This must be the lowest of the low. And not only that, there were rumors of him cheating on her and he even trashed their relationship afterwards in the press saying that while he was married, he lived a life he “detested”.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnie seemed to be having a perfect life – a beautiful wife, four healthy children, a blossoming career in show business and politics. But it turned out to be just a mask since the actor actually had an affair with his maid and even fathered a child. The worst part was that the maid and his son lived in the same house as them the whole time and it didn’t occur to him to admit it to his wife all those years until she noticed that the boy looked oddly like her husband.