You Need These Vitamins to Improve the Quality of Your Hair and Reverse Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur due to several factors, ranging from illness, use of certain medications, and poor diet to hormone imbalance. These factors can cause hair follicles to from growing new hair, or cause your hare to decrease in quality and become dry and brittle. Loosing hair or having a poor quality of the hair can cause psychological stress for both men and women, and people who experience hair loss commonly go through depression, and have low self-esteem. There are many products on the market that supposedly improve the quality of your hair and prevent hair loss, but as with any other physical problem that shows symptoms on your body, you need to treat it from the inside, and to do that – you need the following vitamins.

1. Vitamin C

As you probably know, a proper dose of vitamin C is what each and every one of us needs in order to maintain the proper functioning of the body and boost our immune systems. But what you probably didn’t know is that vitamin C is commonly used in hair care products. That is because this vitamin is one of the essential vitamins that your hair needs in order to grow and achieve good quality, as well as to prevent hair loss. You can use products that contain vitamin C in order to achieve the wanted results, but it is always better to take it in with your food, which actually means that you should start eating a healthier diet that is rich in this vitamin (which means increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables you eat).

2. Vitamins B

In order to improve the quality of your hair and reverse hair loss, you should make sure that you take in all of the B vitamins. The best way to do that is to eat foods that are rich in these vitamins, but you can also take vitamin B complex. Vitamins B are not only important for your hair, but for the rest of your body as well, and a vitamin B deficiency commonly leads to hair loss, fatigue and weakness and easily bruising. The most important of all the B vitamins is vitamin B12, so in order to achieve the best results, make sure you take enough of this vitamin. The foods that contain most of it are fortified cereals, red meat, milk, mackerel, tuna, herring and trout (and several others).

3. Vitamin E

When you’re not taking in enough vitamin E, your skin, hair and nails decrease in quality. Many people don’t take in enough of this vitamin, and they consider it to be a big deal, but it is. In order for your hair to grow healthy, you should be eating foods that contain lots of this vitamin. Soon after you introduce such foods into your diet, you’ll see improvements in the way your hair feels and looks, as well as grows. When combined with other vitamins from the list, vitamin E also contributes to a healthy scalp which promotes hair growth. So if you don’t see any improvements a couple of weeks after you’ve started taking vitamin E, try making some vitamin combinations – you need them all to reach optimal health anyway. Foods that are among the best sources of this vitamin are sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, beet greens (cooked), pumpkin, etc.

4. Vitamin A

We have always known that we need a proper dose of vitamin A in order to achieve and maintain optimal eye health. But did you know that this vitamin can also help your hair grow stronger and reverse hair loss? Taking in enough vitamin A can improve the quality of your hair and make it grow faster. However, you need to be careful not to take in too much, as that can end in the opposite results, i.e. you might start losing hair.

It is always better to take in this vitamin (as well as any other vitamin) through food, and with vitamin A this is easy, as it is contained in great doses in sweet potato, carrots, spinach, kale and several other healthy vegetables. Check the percentage of this vitamin in the foods you eat, and adjust your consumption accordingly in order to attain the best results.

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to hair loss, as follicles weaken and new hair cannot be properly produced (and when it is produced, it is usually of low quality). On the other hand, having enough vitamin D in your body promotes healthy follicle growth and healthy hair. The best way to take in this vitamin is to frequently and briefly expose yourself to the sun, which means that you should at least take a short walk each day. This is not good only for the health of your hair, but your entire body as well. Sitting indoors for entire days and not exposing yourself to the sun at all cannot be good for you and it will most definitely lead to vitamin D deficiency. There are vitamin D supplements, but there isn’t a better way to take it in than through sunlight.