Your Makeup’s 9 Deadliest Ingredients

Beauty products exist so they would improve our looks, but not every ingredient is ‘pretty’. Namely, one in every eight ingredients used in makeup is harmful and they are either chemicals, pesticides, toxins, hormone disruptors or carcinogens.  Many of those ingredients are used to make the products softer, more water resistant or to prolong their ‘shelf life’.  Some of these ingredients are extremely harmful for your skin and overall health. However, not all the makeup on the market is so deadly, and you can save your health by reading labels more carefully. Here are makeup items that contain the worst ingredients for your health.

1. Primers

Putiting a primer underneath your makeup is a good way to make everything last longer and look smoother. Many makeup lovers claim that primers can hide wrinkles and fine lines as well. It seems like a gift to all the women from the cosmetic industry. However, everything is not so smooth as the look of your skin after you apply these products.

Primers, as well as many other beauty products usually contain parabens, which are commonly used preservatives in cosmetic products. This ingredient is absorbed through your skin, and if you use primers every day, you are absorbing large amounts of parabens, which also go by other names, such as methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. Parabens are used in order to conserve the product for an extended period of time, as well as to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi.

The FDA doesn’t forbid the use of this ingredient as it is considered as generally safe, but it doesn’t seem so harmless after a study from 2004 found parabens in breast tumors. Moreover, many people are sensitive to parabens, and they are prone to developing skin problems which then need dermatological treatments.

Luckily, not every primer contains parabens and you can find products that are free of this ingredient. All you need to do is read the labels thoroughly and if you identify parabens, you can choose to avoid that particular product.

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